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Mobile Rates -B.com Dec

70% of travel searches start on mobile phones. In the last five years with mobile phones jumping in, there has been a steady rise in online travel bookings.

The use of mobile has changed the scenario of how travel is being searched and reservations are made, hence by managing mobile rates for your property, you too can improve reservations coming from mobile bookers.

Over half (59%) of all reservations made on Booking.com are now made on a mobile device. Capturing this market is crucial for strengthening and growing your business. Mobile Rates make properties more visible to customers and can help them reach 30% more mobile users.

Benefits of Mobile Rate

On an average, properties that offer a Mobile Rate see:

  • 3% more click- throughs from search results
  • 24% more customers making an attempt to book
  • 50% of accommodation searches and bookings are made on mobile
  • 22% more bookings from mobile customers

Attracting these bookers can positively impact your revenue.  Activate mobile rates for your hotel to tap into this valuable and expanding traveler segment.

Mobile phones are a constant companion of everyone everywhere. Opting for the mobile rate scheme, your property has leverage to get bookings over the ones that require the traveler to login via a desktop or laptop. The number of bookings made on mobile apps is much higher and faster. 

If you do not already have a Mobile Rate set up for Booking.com, you can easily create one from your RateTiger dashboard.

If you would like to know more about it or how you can set it up, read further – refer to this detailed article.

Subscribe to RateTiger today and start using this feature. Reach out to us for your connectivity needs to make the most of your online revenue.

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