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Why RateTiger Shopper?


Efficient system and great service team

Single entry rate updating is very user friendly. This interface is very easy to understand and use.
Resort in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Friendly team, Customer Support and competitive pricing
Hotel in Manama, Bahrain

Great tool to manage partner channels

It is easy to use. I like that I can manage every rate plan and channel in just a few clicks.
Branded in Budapest, Hungary

Great Experience

Fast action and team response if there is any issue, the smooth connectivity, I have done integration from a CM to RT it did not take time.
Boutique Hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Real-time Hotel Rate Shopping Software Across Multiple Distribution Channels

Global or Local, OTA or Wholesalers, GDS or Meta – you name it we have it.

Compare, Contrast, Chart Your Rate Plan

Intelligent Rate Positioning

Market Intelligence

Stay on top of your segment with easy access to competitor rate data across multiple channels for multiple properties linked to your Hotel CRS.

Rate Parity

Increase room bookings by maintaining price integrity across different demand sources, OTAs, and your hotel’s website from one dashboard.

Identify Rate Movement

Get an instant alert on any change in competitors’ room rates. Maintain, monitor, and make informed rate decisions instantly.

Monitor Your Competitors

Keep a tab on your competitors’ closed and open rates across multiple channels to monitor competitors’ production with hotel rate shopper.

Smart Rate Management

Maintain Pricing

Hotel Rate Shopper to easily access data take action on, download rate reports for present and future records with a single click.

Parameter-based Rate Shopping

Have a clear view of the net, gross, or on-site rate for the different date range and parameters for detailed comparison.

RMS Integration

Directly connect pricing data to your Revenue Management System (RMS) with hotel rate shopping tool for better decision making.

Rate Anomaly Detection

Machine-learning enabled rate anomaly detection for retaining rate integrity and parity across all channels and demand sources.

Product Flowchart

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Always on Parity: Always on Top

Dive deep into your hotel’s pricing & performance on each channel with RateTiger Shopper

Get instant alert on parity violations across any channel your hotel is listed on.

Track under-cutting with a real-time check on different travel websites.

Detect the root cause and control rate parity breach from the action center.

Improve relationships with OTAs to drive more bookings from their channel.

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Integrated Data that Talk to Each Other

Keep a tab on hotel industry information & unveil new revenue opportunities

Access real-time data to understand current market trends via RateTiger Shopper.

360-degree view of your hotel pricing strategy against that of your competitors.

Close tab on competitiveness, positioning, and opportunities for revenue maximization.

Live rates and precise tax calculations to spot recovery trends early.

Monitor competitors’ price movement, closed & open dates, MLOS, OTA page ranking.

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RateTiger Shopper to Shop Rates As and When You Want

Rate Analysis

Rapidly track, analyze and market your room rates in line with the competitor’s price.

Immediate Alert

Get an immediate alert on changing rate and deviation from rate compliance for instant action.

Pricing Mode

Create, strategize, and update your pricing model across all channels for maximum bookings.

Success Stories

Hear what our clients have to say about RateTiger

“We are delighted with RateTiger - it provides all the major OTAs including regional channels & wholesalers to efficiently distribute rates and inventory. This has resulted in 37% reservation growth translating to over 12 million SAR in revenue!’’

Anas Arjaw
Revenue & E-Commerce Manager, The Venue Jeddah Corniche, Saudi Arabia

“RateTiger is a powerful tool to make quick updates across all channels and offers seamless connection to key OTAs. It provides us with a wealth of insight on rates and distribution parameters, which improves decision-making.”

Jon Siberry
Group Revenue Manager, Sarova Hotels, UK

“We have seen 15% increase in online sales with RateTiger. The best thing about RateTiger is they have connectivity with some channels we did not even know about but are very productive.”

Eloise Hyland
Revenue & Distribution Manager, Legacy Hotels & Resorts, South Africa

“RateTiger has the highest quality of channel connections and the speed, accuracy, and ease with which we can manage our online operations is fantastic. I highly recommend RateTiger to other hoteliers for seamless online distribution.”

Scott Erlich
General Manager, Wolcott Hotel, USA

“We have seen online revenue grow by 15% with RateTiger Channel Manager & Booking Engine. RateTiger has immensely helped us save time, and decrease risk of overbooking, while increasing direct bookings and profits.”

Sunil Norampat
General Manager, Loumage Suites & Spa Seef, Bahrain