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In the competitive world of online travel, offering the best price is crucial. According to recent data, 60% of travelers prioritize getting the right price* when choosing an online travel agency. This highlights the importance of keeping your rates competitive to capture more bookings.

Why Competitive Rates Matter 

Travelers are savvy; they compare prices across multiple platforms before booking. Offering your most competitive rates to high-value travelers is essential for: 

  • Price Transparency 
  • Brand Visibility 

Automatic Rate Match: The Solution You Need 

Automatic Rate Match (ARM) can help you stay ahead of the competition by automatically adjusting your rates to match other online travel agency booking websites. Here’s how ARM can benefit you: Simple, Transparent, Flexible.

Optimize Your Pricing 

  • +3.7% Average Daily Rate 
  • +16% Visibility 
  • +9.3pp Offer Strength Score 

Increase Your Revenue 

  • +15% Revenue 
  • +11% Net Room Nights 
  • -5.6% Average Rate Adjustment 

Save Time 

  • 3 Hours Saved Weekly: Focus on other important tasks. 

Real-World Success Story 

Corinna Mare Suites & Studios activated ARM to boost offer strength. 

  • Opportunity: Recover the offer strength score that dropped due to the Booking Sponsored Benefit Program and overcome a sales slowdown. 
  • Results: After 6 weeks of using ARM, the offer strength score recovered to its previous level of 99, with a +21pp increase. 

How to Get Started with Automatic Rate Match 

Log in to Expedia Partner Central now and follow the simple steps to activate ARM.  

Take Control of Your Rates 

ARM makes it easy to keep your rates competitive, ensuring you reach more travelers and drive more bookings. By leveraging ARM, you can: 

  • Increase your visibility 
  • Optimize your pricing 
  • Boost your performance 

For detailed guidance on opting into ARM, tracking adjustments, and maximizing your success, please contact your account manager at support@erevmax.com. 

*2023 Expedia Group Traveler Value Index Hotel Industry Highlights. 

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