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Expedia Accelerator

Nowadays, reaching high-value travelers is crucial for hoteliers. But how do you stand out amongst a sea of options, especially for those hard-to-reach guests who can significantly improve your occupancy rates?

Introducing Accelerator: Your Pay-Per-Stay Visibility Solution

Accelerator is a powerful model of Expedia Group that helps hotels increase their exposure to millions of travelers across our well-established travel brands and extensive B2B network. This network reaches travelers through nearly 60,000 businesses worldwide, giving you unparalleled access to potential guests.

Here’s How Accelerator Benefits Your Hotel:

Pay-per-stay model: With Accelerator, there’s no upfront cost! You only pay your chosen additional compensation when guests book and complete their stay at your property. This means you can increase your hotel’s visibility without any financial risk.

Enhanced visibility: Your business will be seen by more travelers through prominent placement in search results, leading to a significant increase in bookings.

Reach high-value travelers: Tap into our vast network of discerning travelers seeking hotels like yours.

Improved occupancy: Fill those empty rooms and boost your net room nights and gross booking value. Hotels using Accelerator have seen an average increase of ~20%!*

Ready to Take Your Bookings to the Next Level?

Accelerator is a win-win solution for hoteliers. Increase your visibility, attract high-value travelers, and pay only for successful bookings.

For assistance, please get in touch with your account manager at support@erevmax.com.

*Source: Expedia Group, first-party data, 2022

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