RateTiger by eRevMax in Swing at ITB Berlin 2023 – A Glimpse

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RateTiger at ITB Berlin

ITB Berlin 2023 held from 7 – 9 March has been the talk of the hospitality industry since Day 1. As we conclude the month, still the discussions about ITB Berlin (Internationale Tourismus-Börse Berlin) are in full swing. The visitors/exhibitors are in no mood to give pause to the thrill and excitement of this successful event.

Like every year, RateTiger by eRevMax exhibited at this World’s Leading Travel Trade Show and had a great time. We weren’t sure of what was going to happen as the doors of ITB Berlin had opened after 3 years, but undoubtedly it was a spectacular event bringing a boost to our business – as usual.

After a break of 3 years due to the pandemic the slogan for this year was “Open For Change”. Following its slogan, this was the first time ITB Berlin hosted the event in person after 3 years bringing together people from the hotel and travel tech industry.

Open For Change

After a pause of 3 years due to the pandemic the slogan for this year was “Open for Change”. Resonating its slogan, ITB Berlin hosted the event by bringing people together from the hotel and travel tech ecosystem to drive change within the industry.

This 3-day event welcomed 90,000+ attendees from over 180 countries around the world making it one of the biggest centers of attraction and confirming it as one of the leading platforms. The entire hall was filled with laughter, warmth and excitement representing the value of face-to-face meetings.

With around 5500 exhibitors showcasing their business, performances from different regions, conferences, evening events on the exhibition ground, travel talks all together reflected people’s desire to meet and greet in person.

Welcome to RateTiger’s Booth

Across the engaging sessions, our booth attracted a lot of industry professionals and team RateTiger was pleased to network with customers and partners in person.

itb berlin ratetiger booth 2023

Just like the theme of ITB Berlin, we witnessed that the entire industry is Open to Change hugging the concept of Socially Responsible and Sustainable Tourism. Hotels were keen to not only digitalize the booking process but also have a simplified and efficient online hotel management solution.

Having the opportunity to connect with hotel owners, OTAs and other industry experts, we witnessed how the hospitality industry is continuously accelerating towards innovation. Seeing the zeal among hoteliers to simplify their booking process and eagerness to learn about RateTiger Channel Manager, Rate Shopper and other products, our excitement rose to a new level.

We received overwhelming responses from our various stakeholders be it clients, partners, friends as well as newcomers in the industry. With international participation growing from 50% in 2019 to 70% in 2023, it gave us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and pitch our products in new regions.

Carrying our bags of swotting, success, sales and satisfaction, we are looking forward to optimizing our products and strategies as per the industry trends to keep accelerating our business.

Next Stop

After a successful ITB Berlin 2023, team RateTiger will be glad to see you at the following events:

ITB India: Join us at the ITB India to be held in Mumbai from 26-28 April 2023.

ATM Dubai: Visit our Booth SS1, TT1072 to be held in Dubai from 1-4 May 2023.

See you there!

To know more, connect with us on:

For Sales related queries: sales@erevmax.com

For Marketing related queries: marketing@erevmax.com

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Target Guests from Specific Countries with Country Rates by Booking.Com

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Country Rates blog RateTiger

With travelers hitting the road again, it’s time to make your property more attractive for them. How about targeting international travelers this time? More international travelers mean more revenue but how to do this?

The answer is “Country Rates’.

Whether you want to expand your regional diversity, enter a new market, or target guests from a particular country – be it your own or a new one, you can do it all with Country Rate.

What is Country Rate?

Country Rate is a feature used by hotels to set specific room rates for different countries. It is a method to offer special prices or discount rates to guests from your market of choice. Hotels can set different country rates for different people coming from varied countries. Country rates may vary depending on the hotel’s location and the level of demand for rooms at any given time.

The best part is that you can apply country rates to all your hotel room types, room rates and rate plans.

Is Country Rate Applicable Only for International Guests?

No, you are free to set discounted room rates for your local people where your hotel is situated. Hotels use this strategy to boost their presence in their own region and build business relations in the local market by offering a discounted price for corporate bookings.

The peak season varies in different countries. Country rates allow you to attract travellers from different countries during the holiday season/ peak season over there by offering discounts in different markets at different times. This way hotels can achieve 100% occupancy in advance both during high and low periods. Along with it, if you apply the mobile rate feature to your room pricing strategy, you can target travelers from all platforms booking a stay from any device.

Is Country Rate Valid Globally?

Due to legal or commercial restrictions, the country rate is not valid globally and is restricted in some countries. In fact, some hotels in countries where it is valid may ask for residential proof to make sure you are not taking advantage of the discounted price to make the reservation.

Benefits of Adding Country Rates

  • Target international customers from new markets.
  • International customers tend to book early and cancel less.
  • Sell your rooms in advance by offering special prices during the festive season.
  • Appeal to guests traveling from your target regions with a special offer.

Create Country Rates on Booking.com to unlock new demand by offering great prices to travellers from countries you particularly want to target. Adding Country Rates is a proactive step that hotels can take to increase your property’s occupancy as part of their pricing strategy.

Create Country Rates for Booking.com directly from your RateTiger Dashboard through the Promotions tab.

Read here to learn more about country rates and how to apply them to your existing room rate plan.

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