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Mobile Rates on B.com-Aug

The Mobile Rate is an exceptional performer among various successful pricing products. This highly effective tool is designed to cater to mobile device users, allowing properties to offer discounted rates. Embracing this feature showcases its relevance in today’s mobile-centric booking trend. In the booming mobile market, leveraging the Mobile Rate is important for business growth and a competitive edge.

Over half (59%) of all reservations on Booking.com originate from mobile devices; capturing this market is vital for business growth. Mobile-friendly strategies like the Mobile Rate can boost reservations and ensure success in the evolving travel landscape.

How do Mobile Rates Work?

  • Mobile Rates: Discounts are visible on Booking.com mobile app or site.
  • A minimum 10% discount is required, but properties can offer mobile users a more considerable discount.
  • The discount applies to all rooms and rate plans, including the Genius program and other promotions (except Country Rate or Limited Time Deal).
  • Up to 30 blackout days per year, with no discount on those days.

Benefits of Mobile Rate

On average, properties that offer a Mobile Rate see:

  • 3% more click-throughs from search results
  • 24% more customers making an attempt to book
  • 22% more bookings from mobile customers

Mobile Rates effectively target and attract a growing segment of travelers. Properties must have this option to avoid losing out on significant demand.

If you do not have a Mobile Rate on Booking.com yet, you can easily create one from your RateTiger dashboard.

For more information and step-by-step setup instructions, refer to this detailed article.

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