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Country Rates on B.com

As the trend of global travel gains momentum, there’s a remarkable opportunity to capitalize on the increasing number of international guests. Whether you are interested in entering emerging markets, enticing visitors from specific countries, or growing your revenue by offering targeted discounts, the solution, known as Country Rates, is here to cater to your needs.

Why Country Rates?

The Country Rate stands out as one of the most impactful pricing solutions for your property. This specialized tool enables your property to extend specific pricing to guests from designated countries and regions.

Notably, nearly 70% of the initial summer searches on the Booking.com platform are focused on international accommodations.

Properties can capitalize on this heightened demand and ensure revenue by providing targeted discounts to international travelers, who tend to book earlier and exhibit fewer cancellations.

How do Country Rates work?

Country Rate is a feature used by hotels to establish specific room rates tailored to different countries. It serves as a means to provide special pricing or discounted rates to guests from targeted markets.

The discounted rate is exclusively visible to users accessing the Booking.com platform from the countries or regions properties have chosen to focus on. While a minimum discount of 5% is mandatory, properties possess the option to offer a more substantial discount if they wish.

This discount is applicable to all rooms and rate plans within a property, and it synergizes with discounts associated with the Genius program, as well as any other promotions they have configured (except for the Mobile Rates or Limited Time Deal).

Properties retain the capability to allocate up to 30 blackout days per calendar year, during which the discount will not be applicable.

Country Rate’s Global Validity

It’s important to be aware that country rates might not be accessible in specific countries due to prevailing legal or commercial constraints. Kindly take into consideration this limitation when considering the implementation of country rates for your property’s pricing strategy.

What are the Advantages of Offering Country Rates?

  • Secure revenue by targeting international travelers
  • International customers tend to book early and cancel less.
  • Sell your rooms in advance by offering special prices during the festive season.
  • Boost your visibility on Booking.com.

Offering Country Rates on Booking.com provides an array of benefits, including assured revenue, improved booking patterns, and amplified visibility, all of which contribute to a more strategic and successful approach to your property management.

Navigating to the Promotions tab, you can seamlessly establish Country Rates on Booking.com from your RateTiger Dashboard.

Read here to learn about Country Rates and how to set them to your existing room rate plan.

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