RateTiger Partner Ecosystem Updates – Rewarded Elite Status on Expedia & offers OBP on Hotelbeds

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With a multitude of events happening, travel continues to boom in several regions and hotels need to ensure they have the right channels in their distribution mix. Are you optimizing your hotel’s visibility across multiple touch points? Are you making sure guests can find your hotel when they have the booking intent?

Now is the perfect time to look at your tech stack and distribution strategy, and how you can improve it for this year and next. Leverage our connectivity to expand your visibility in key source markets. RateTiger continues to expand its partner mix and add new features and APIs to existing connections.

If you are looking to connect to any specific tech partner or a channel, do explore the RateTiger Partner List of 450+ distribution and tech providers. For any queries or channel addition request, contact us on https://ratetiger.com/contact/

Expedia Elite Partner Status
RateTiger has been awarded the Expedia Elite Connectivity Partner Status for 2022. This recognition underscores our focus on maintaining a high-quality connection that empowers you to serve travellers better and grow your business on Expedia Group’s travel platform. RateTiger will also work directly with Expedia Group’s leadership team, providing feedback and helping shape future products and technology solutions.

OBP on Hotelbeds
You can now manage Occupancy Based Pricing (OBP) on Hotelbeds directly from your RateTiger platform – the first channel manager to offer this feature for Hotelbeds. Maximize your room exposure by displaying different occupancy options. Take advantage of this pricing model to appear in more search results, increase occupancy of more valuable rooms and boost revenue opportunities on Hotelbeds. Promote exciting deals and boost your hotel occupancy – capture the available demand and increase online revenue.

Expand in APAC with Tiket.com
Are you looking to expand your presence in the APAC market? Check out Tiket.com – one of the pioneers in the Indonesian OTA space. One of the largest OTAs in the country, Tiket.com has a user base of 17+ million and connects to 1000+ B2B corporate partners and 3000+ events and attraction site partners. Add them to your distribution network to increase your hotel’s presence amongst APAC travellers and attract more bookings.

Are you looking to integrate with RateTiger? Reach out to us on https://ratetiger.com/become-a-partner/

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Novel Hotel City Centre increases occupancy to 90% with RateTiger

Press Release

Abu Dhabi, 27 April 2022

Strongly recommends eRevMax solutions for online distribution

Novel Hotel City Centre one of the leading business hotels in Abu Dhabi has increased its occupancy to 90% by leveraging RateTiger. The four-star property has been using RateTiger Connect for 2-way rate and inventory as well as reservation data transfer between sales channels and hotel PMS. The hotel is also using RateTiger’s GDS distribution, Booking Engine, Metasearch Management and Rate Shopper, all available as a one-stop-solution through the RateTiger platform, for efficiently managing online distribution and revenue.Managed by Danat Hotels & Resort, a division of National Corporation for Tourism & Hotels (NCT&H), Novel Hotel City Centre has 215 rooms, historically catering to business and MICE travellers. However, with the boost in leisure demand and increase in competition, the revenue management team felt the need to expand and automate distribution. With RateTiger, they came to know about and connect to top performing online sales channels in their key source markets which led to increase in occupancy

“The extremely competitive nature of Middle East market means we need to update rates and inventories multiple times a day. We needed a solution that will meet our demands for market intelligence as well as channel management. With RateTiger, we have managed to take our occupancy to 90%. Their integrations with leading global and regional OTAs have ensured that we sell on the right channels that bring business to our city. The speed, accuracy, and ease with which we can manage our online operations is fantastic. Further, the Promotions feature has helped us improve visibility on key sales channels which resulted in better RevPAR,” commented Akber Bana, Cluster Revenue Manager – Novel Hotel City Centre. With hotel room supplies in the region overtaking demand, maintaining an effective rate strategy is important to stay ahead of competition. The revenue management team is using RateTiger Shopper to monitor rate movement to implement a dynamic pricing strategy.“We have been able to sell at better rates and maintain rate parity – thanks to Rate Shopper. The support and technical team understand what they are doing and provides speedy resolutions which is amazing. I highly recommend RateTiger to other hoteliers for improving channel connectivity and productivity as well as overall online distribution,” summed up Akber.Check out this video where Mr. Akber Bana, Cluster Revenue Manager – Novel Hotel City Centre shares his experience of using RateTiger products and support –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-PkcLfvrVg
Team RateTiger will be at ATM Dubai from 9 – 12 May 2022. To book a meeting, contact us today – marketing@erevmax.com About RateTiger

RateTiger by eRevMax is a market leader in hotel technology and provides Channel Manager, CRS, Rate Shopper, Booking Engine, Website Design, Digital Marketing Services as well as GDS and Metasearch Distribution solutions to large hotel chains and resorts, mid-scale groups as well as independent boutique properties worldwide. RateTiger connects to over 450 distribution and technology partners. It has deep two-way integration with distribution channels including Booking.com, Expedia, Agoda, Airbnb, Google, HRS, Hotelbeds, among various others. It connects to leading PMS, RMS, CRS, Booking Engine and other hotel technology systems for a seamless online distribution experience. Data security and privacy is a key aspect for RateTiger – it is ISO and PCI certified as well as GDPR compliant. RateTiger provides 24×7 multilingual support to hotels globally to assist in revenue generation objectives.For more details, please visit www.ratetiger.com or contact us on marketing@erevmax.com

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Get rewarded for your sales this summer with Booking.com

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booking.com - summer - deals

Build a stronger season with 30% off your commission on Booking.com.

Booking.com invites eligible properties to join the Summer Commission Discount offer. This offer is the latest opportunity in the Partner Performance Investment Program, Booking.com’s initiative to invest in partners’ recovery through financial incentives. You just need to opt-in your extranet and its completely FREE! 

The deadline for you to opt-in is April 30, 2022.

Here’s how it works:

The commission discount is based on sales targets. You get 30% off commission for any extra stayed room nights over your sales target, from May 13 to September 11, 2022. The nights you have already sold for this offer period count. The offer’s sales target takes local market conditions and the latest travel restrictions into account, which are important in these uncertain times. 

Summer Deals

How to join the offer:

Visit the Opportunities Page in the Booking.com extranet – 

• Click on Partner Commission Discount

• After reviewing the offer, click ‘Get Started’

• Fulfil the opt-in criteria in your extranet

• Click ‘Join Offer’ and you are done

Booking.com Summer Discount

How to monitor progress: Once you opt -in to the offer successfully, the initial page will turn into a site to monitor sales and savings. For any queries, please contact your Booking.com Account Manager or send a message via the extranet inbox to Booking.com. If you are looking to increase your hotel’s visibility and expand online bookings – contact us today

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3 Next-Gen Hotel Tech Trends that may Dominate 2022

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While there’s plenty of innovation happening on the hospitality technology front, there are a few that stand out. The big brands are still capable of dictating the direction of the industry at large. However, small and medium-size players are making equally big strides, influencing the segment in a deeper way.

This means that it’s important to keep tabs on what’s happening with established players as well as smaller innovators. Let’s look at the top 3 next-gen technology trends in the hospitality industry that we should look out for in 2022.

  1. Booking technologies that are built on optimization and efficiency

    Technological progress has long been a part of the hospitality industry, and online booking technology is a part of the same conversion. For example, you can use this platform to automatically sync all of your business accounts and bookings. Besides, you will have access to features that allow you to have an overview of all your properties on one screen. This can be useful for those who operate several establishments around the world.The latter feature is crucial for those who are always on the go and don’t have time to manage all their bookings manually. Another benefit of booking technology platforms is that they are extremely easy to use. Not only that, but they also provide detailed reports about your business operations and help control every single aspect of it.

  2. The increased reliance on all-in-one solutions

    In 2022, the hospitality industry will be ruled by solutions that integrate multiple capabilities, which not only bring cost-saving opportunities for businesses but also provide ease of management, higher efficiency, and greater productivity. With the help of SaaS and traditional software technologies, hotels can run booking systems, check-in services, and other useful programs in a fast and efficient manner without spending too much time on management and maintenance.

    One of the most popular software solutions used by hotels today is RateTiger Channel Manager. The company provides online distribution, channel connectivity, market intelligence, and revenue management solutions for any size hotel ranging from economy properties with a few rooms up to luxury five-star resorts. In addition, RateTiger allows hotels to manage reservations, inventory control, room rates, marketing campaigns, and other business operations via a single portal.

  3. Higher priority to cyber security

    While going digital and moving to the cloud has benefits in abundance, it also comes with several challenges, including cyber threats. In fact, cyberattacks are on the rise. Every year there are more data thefts and ransomware attacks. Data leaks happen more often and can result in big losses for companies.

    Unsurprisingly, cyber security issues will be a hot topic in the hospitality industry this year and beyond and is one of the major technology trends in the hospitality industry. It would be a disaster if the full workflow crashes or gets hacked because of ineffective security measures. Security breaches are not only bad for business but also put your customers’ data at risk, thereby calling lawsuits.

    Hotel owners must clearly define the digital security standards and best practices to keep data safe from cyberattacks and breaches. These standards should cover everything from hardware to software to digital storage. Setting up a comprehensive security program for staff and clients alike is also very important. This is exactly what we will see this year.

    Final words

    Here are the top hotel tech trends 2022 in the hospitality industry that will gain momentum and demand our attention. It would include the emergence of blockchain solutions, usage of predictive smart systems, virtual reality tours, and a wider prevalence of smart recognition technology. These trends will take the hotel bookings a step forward towards a totally transformed hospitality industry entirely driven by technology and personalized experiences.

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Hotel Channel Manager – Improve Your Revenue in 2022 & Beyond

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COVID-19 has witnessed a dramatic change in consumer behavior. The hospitality & travel industry is one of the major markets that has witnessed a great setback due to pandemics and realized some major changes in the customer life-cycle in terms of travelling behavior.

In the tourism & hospitality industry, the latest travel demands and change in the customer’s perspective on travel has inclined toward – sustainability and technology. Hence, the hotels and online channels must focus on the pain points within the industry to elevate their business and stay ahead in the competition.

The year 2022, can see a boost in the tourism sector based on the research conducted by Expedia, Booking.com and other players. Thus, hoteliers must stay abreast with their hotel technology to manage their daily operations – be it room rates, ease of online booking, or providing the best guest experience with an effort to make online visitors into a permanent customer.

This drill-down to the accommodation owners to have the best hotel management solutions like Hotel Channel Manager, booking engines, rate intelligence platform to deduce the customer’s preference. At RateTiger, we focus on the B2B hotel solutions and importance of having the best channel manager – why you should have it, the key attributes to achieve scalability, and remain competitive in the market.

What is a Hotel Channel Manager?

Hotel Channel Manager is a software tool which allows hoteliers to sell all your rooms on your connected booking sites at the same time automatically. It provides a list of several online sales channel on a single dashboard enabling simultaneous monitoring and control over all these online sales channels. When there is a major change in the inventory or a room needs to be closed for sale, an OTA channel manager automatically updates it on all Hotel Sales Channel or OTAs.

This software created to help hotels to compete in a market where the demand for online room reservation rose rapidly without losing out on revenue. Channel Manager helps hotels boost their online bookings and have maximized their profits by helping them to increase their online presence.

Online Distribution channels includes Metasearch engines, OTAs, Global Distribution Channels (GDS) or direct channels like the website of a hotel. All these Online Distribution Channels can be managed using a centralized control panel when using a channel manager software.

Hotel Channel Manager – Key Attributes & Importance

The strategy of using numerous channels to sell on is not so effective until the hotel knows the right channels to sell on. Hotel Channel Manager System provides a list of channels which effectively increases your revenue. Let’s take a look at the major attributes of a channel manager:

Increase Online Presence

Hotel Channel Manager help hotels to be in the appropriate position for display on online distribution channels for maximum views. Hotels get the opportunity to maximize their profits by being visible on platforms visited mostly by online travelers looking to book their stays. Increasing visibility help increase market reach as hotels are displayed on international platforms for international travelers to confirm their bookings.

Maximize Profits

With Hotel Channel Manager it helps display the real time rates and availability, and automatic updates across all online channels with minimal investment. Also, it helps hotels save on their revenue and maximize their profits. With hotels being available online throughout the year, they are also visible during low seasons which give them the extra revenue which they would otherwise miss in the absence of a channel manager

No Overbooking

With automatic inventory update and pooled inventory, travelers booking online can also see when a hotel is fully sold out. That way hotel reduces the risk of overbooking as guests can only book rooms which are available. In traditional way or in the absence of channel manager, there was no way for guests to know if a hotel room was sold out which resulted in double booking.

Reducing Human Errors

Manual processes are not only time consuming but it also increase chances of human error. With automated updates of rate and inventory the productivity is increased. The hotels can use their staffs to focus on other strategies for revenue management effectively. Overcoming the disadvantage of manual process being slow, online channel manager updates real time inventory thereby, never missing an opportunity of successful room reservation.

Analyze What Works

With an effective hotel channel management system, a hotel can analyze what is working and make changes with what is not working. With the data from the channel manager, a hotel can ensure the right channels to be on which channels are actually helping them maximize their profits and also that the prices displayed are optimized. A complete transparency of data across all channels helps to correct errors in time and stay ahead in the competition.

Keep Everyone Updated

Channel Manager Dashboards are easy to use. With multiple hotel staff members using the channel management system, one must think, it will create confusion and chaos. However, it is not so. Hotel Channel Management System can be set and reset with just a few clicks. Important dates, holidays and peak season prices can be set from prior to make work easier for hoteliers.

Total Control on Property

With two way XML connectivity provided by a channel manager, the user or the hotelier automatically gets informed of any cancellation or other modification which might have happened on any channel. The hotelier or user can then update this information to all connected channels in just a click. Also, a channel manager enables a hotel to split its inventory on different online channels. If required a hotelier can also switch off its inventory on a certain channel for a period of time in just few clicks.

What are hotels looking for when choosing a Hotel Channel Manager?

Now that we understand what a channel manager is, let’s talk about the most important difficulty faced by hotels these days: choosing the right channel manager for their hotel. How will one know which is the best channel manager to use! The first step to go about it is selecting the channel manager that provide free trail and choosing the best among them. The following could help hotels know the Channel Manager to choose that we help them with optimum revenue in the long run:

  • Does the Channel Manager provide a free trial?
  • How many channels the channel manager is connected to?
  • Is the channel manager connected to the channels important for your hotel?
  • How many dates, room type per channel and number of channels can the channel manager help manage simultaneously?
  • Does the channel manager update and automate in real-time?
  • Does the channel manager use pooled inventory model?
  • Does the channel manager support multiple users and multiple devices?
  • Do the channel manager provide adequate support and in hoteliers native language?

Though this list above cannot be called the complete guide to a good channel manager but these could be the basics from where one can start.

Other systems to use with a Hotel Channel Manager:      

To boost the efficacy of a channel manager, some other systems can be integrated. Improve business results by maintaining accuracy and smooth operations by using:


Property Management System is a system that manages the whole property. When integrated along with a channel manager, any changes made on the PMS regarding your property, say inventory, it is picked up by the channel manager and is informed to all the connected third party channels.

Booking Engine

When a hotel website is connected to a booking engine, a hotel can easily convert their potential guests into happy guest by direct sales. Using a booking engine, unlike OTAs, is commission free and saves a big part of the revenue.

Rate Shopper

A Rate Shopper is a pricing intelligence tool that helps a hotel set the optimized price in different seasons of the year. Based on supply and demand, when the market changes, a rate shopper allows the hotel to track their competitors. Rate Shopper helps keep the numbers right.

Way forward

Elimination of several procedures as in the traditional marketing has made channel manager popular amongst the crowd. Every hotelier who is not using a channel manager is losing out on a chunk of revenue. In fact, investing a lot on traditional marketing and not getting enough returns is another major drawback of not using this tool. Hotel Channel Manager is the future of Hotel Industry and the future is here!

Looking for a Trusted Hotel Channel Manager?

RateTiger Channel Manager has been experiencing the hospitality industry in and out over the past 20+ years. It has successfully been helping hotels stay afloat through the changing times especially through the bigger storm named COVID-19 pandemic.

Get other services like PMS integration, CRS, Hotel Booking Engine, Hotel Website Design and Hotel Digital Marketing with RateTiger (product of eRevMax). Contact us at marketing@erevmax.com or visit www.ratetiger.com to know more.

channel manager
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