Royal Highland Hotel Scotland experiences occupancy and revenue growth with RateTiger in the pandemic year

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London, 16 March 2022


Endorses RateTiger for its powerful hotel technology platform.

The Royal Highland Hotel, one of the long-standing customers of eRevMax, has endorsed RateTiger for consistently delivering results over the years. The hotel, which has been using RateTiger Channel Manager, has experienced growth in occupancy and revenue even in a year marred by global pandemic and travel restrictions.

A heritage luxury destination often visited by the British Royal Family and foreign dignitaries, the Royal Highland Hotel caters to mature and demanding guests. An early adopter of new technology, the revenue management team has been leveraging RateTiger’s connectivity to effectively its manage online presence.

RateTiger Channel Manager has enabled the Royal Highland Hotel to easily connect to a greater number of channels without requiring more of the team’s time and energy.

“RateTiger was a game changer for us. We’ve been using RateTiger hotel channel manager for more than fifteen years; it is simply outstanding. The interface is very easy to use, the automated inventory management is time saving, and we can spend more time on analytics and tactics. It’s a very simple product, but also very powerful. RateTiger is on the top of technology and even when any new OTA comes into the market RateTiger is the one who gets integrated with them quickly,” remarked Indranil Banerjee, Group General Manager, The Royal Highland Hotel.

While hotels in the region have struggled for the past two years due to travel restrictions, thanks to RateTiger’s connectivity with key producing channels, the Royal Highland Hotel has been able to maintain 85% occupancy resulting in revenue growth.

The hotel also uses RateTiger Shopper, eRevMax’s price intelligence tool, to maintain rate integrity and right pricing on various channels.

“Rate parity & accurate inventory management is a must to maintain our property at par with our competitors. I wanted a tool that would help me and my staff save time, but also a solution that allows me to manage my hotel day-to-day room inventory, with a quick and fast overview of all the bookings on one platform. RateTiger instantly confirms that an update has been made in the channel, right in the application, which is essential to my business in terms of saving time and money,” summed up Indranil.

Check out the testimonial YouTube video from Indranil Banerjee, Group General Manager, The Royal Highland Hotel where he shares his experience with the RateTiger product and support.

RateTiger provides channel management, CRS, booking engine, rate shopping, website design and digital marketing solutions to hotels worldwide. It offers 99.9% system uptime and is security certified under ISO and PCI. RateTiger continues to expand its partner base through new integrations to offer hoteliers seamless connections across different systems including PMSs, CRSs, OTAs, Metasearch channels, GDS, Wholesalers and offline tour operators, among others.

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