Boost International Booking with Country Rates on Booking.com

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Country Rates on B.com

As the trend of global travel gains momentum, there’s a remarkable opportunity to capitalize on the increasing number of international guests. Whether you are interested in entering emerging markets, enticing visitors from specific countries, or growing your revenue by offering targeted discounts, the solution, known as Country Rates, is here to cater to your needs.

Why Country Rates?

The Country Rate stands out as one of the most impactful pricing solutions for your property. This specialized tool enables your property to extend specific pricing to guests from designated countries and regions.

Notably, nearly 70% of the initial summer searches on the Booking.com platform are focused on international accommodations.

Properties can capitalize on this heightened demand and ensure revenue by providing targeted discounts to international travelers, who tend to book earlier and exhibit fewer cancellations.

How do Country Rates work?

Country Rate is a feature used by hotels to establish specific room rates tailored to different countries. It serves as a means to provide special pricing or discounted rates to guests from targeted markets.

The discounted rate is exclusively visible to users accessing the Booking.com platform from the countries or regions properties have chosen to focus on. While a minimum discount of 5% is mandatory, properties possess the option to offer a more substantial discount if they wish.

This discount is applicable to all rooms and rate plans within a property, and it synergizes with discounts associated with the Genius program, as well as any other promotions they have configured (except for the Mobile Rates or Limited Time Deal).

Properties retain the capability to allocate up to 30 blackout days per calendar year, during which the discount will not be applicable.

Country Rate’s Global Validity

It’s important to be aware that country rates might not be accessible in specific countries due to prevailing legal or commercial constraints. Kindly take into consideration this limitation when considering the implementation of country rates for your property’s pricing strategy.

What are the Advantages of Offering Country Rates?

  • Secure revenue by targeting international travelers
  • International customers tend to book early and cancel less.
  • Sell your rooms in advance by offering special prices during the festive season.
  • Boost your visibility on Booking.com.

Offering Country Rates on Booking.com provides an array of benefits, including assured revenue, improved booking patterns, and amplified visibility, all of which contribute to a more strategic and successful approach to your property management.

Navigating to the Promotions tab, you can seamlessly establish Country Rates on Booking.com from your RateTiger Dashboard.

Read here to learn about Country Rates and how to set them to your existing room rate plan.

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Discover Mobile Rates on Booking.com for Increase Bookings

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Mobile Rates on B.com-Aug

The Mobile Rate is an exceptional performer among various successful pricing products. This highly effective tool is designed to cater to mobile device users, allowing properties to offer discounted rates. Embracing this feature showcases its relevance in today’s mobile-centric booking trend. In the booming mobile market, leveraging the Mobile Rate is important for business growth and a competitive edge.

Over half (59%) of all reservations on Booking.com originate from mobile devices; capturing this market is vital for business growth. Mobile-friendly strategies like the Mobile Rate can boost reservations and ensure success in the evolving travel landscape.

How do Mobile Rates Work?

  • Mobile Rates: Discounts are visible on Booking.com mobile app or site.
  • A minimum 10% discount is required, but properties can offer mobile users a more considerable discount.
  • The discount applies to all rooms and rate plans, including the Genius program and other promotions (except Country Rate or Limited Time Deal).
  • Up to 30 blackout days per year, with no discount on those days.

Benefits of Mobile Rate

On average, properties that offer a Mobile Rate see:

  • 3% more click-throughs from search results
  • 24% more customers making an attempt to book
  • 22% more bookings from mobile customers

Mobile Rates effectively target and attract a growing segment of travelers. Properties must have this option to avoid losing out on significant demand.

If you do not have a Mobile Rate on Booking.com yet, you can easily create one from your RateTiger dashboard.

For more information and step-by-step setup instructions, refer to this detailed article.

Contact us to fulfil your connectivity requirements and maximize your online earnings.

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Muscat Express Hotel’s Revenue Rises with RateTiger’s BAR Level Feature

Muscat Express Hotel
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Muscat Express Hotel Achieves Remarkable Revenue Growth with RateTiger’s BAR Level Feature

Press Release
Muscat Express Hotel

Oman, 16 August 2023

Recommends RateTiger Channel Manager for revenue management

Oman-based Muscat Express Hotel has experienced remarkable revenue growth by leveraging RateTiger Channel Manager and its innovative BAR Level feature. This groundbreaking feature has revolutionized the hotel’s revenue management strategy, leading to impressive results and positioning Muscat Express Hotel as a leader in the industry.  

This hotel is delighted to welcome guests to a world of luxury and unparalleled hospitality in the heart of Muscat, Oman. It offers a haven of luxury and comfort for both business and leisure travelers seeking a memorable stay. This 3-star hotel showcases a collection of elegant and spacious rooms and suites well designed to provide ultimate comfort and relaxation.  

Over the past year, the hotel has leveraged the benefits of RateTiger Channel Manager to streamline rate, inventory, and restriction management across all connected channels. This innovative solution allows the hotel to control its online presence through a centralized dashboard efficiently. Especially RateTiger’s BAR Level feature has become the cornerstone of this 3-star hotel’s revenue management approach. The hotel has optimized pricing strategies and maximizes revenue potential by dynamically adjusting room rates based on real-time market demand, competitor rates, and other crucial factors. 

Moreover, the seamless integration of RateTiger Channel Manager with the PMS has streamlined operations and eliminated manual errors. By updating rates and inventory across various distribution channels simultaneously, Muscat Express Hotel ensures consistency and accuracy, saving valuable time for the reservation team. Leveraging this feature, the hotel can now set rates dynamically to capitalize on peak demand periods and adjust them during low-demand periods to attract more bookings. This flexibility has proven to be a game-changer for the hotel’s success. 

The positive impact of the BAR Level feature on Muscat Express Hotel’s revenue has been remarkable. The hotel’s RevPAR has experienced significant growth, while direct bookings have surged, reducing reliance on OTAs. 

“We have witnessed an increase in revenue since using this feature. Our reservation team sometimes hesitates to make rate changes, particularly during late hours, but with the automated system following instructions and logic, we can make confident decisions that benefit our business. The feature has significantly reduced our manual effort. Proper rate management maximizes revenue and helps us maintain our reputation. In our 3-star hotel with limited human resources, the feature has minimized the workload. What used to take us 3 to 4 hours to manage prices now only takes 15 to 20 minutes.” Commented Mr Judson George, General Manager of Muscat Hotel, on the BAR level feature of RateTiger Channel Manager.

Check out the video where Mr Judson George, General Manager of Muscat Hotel, shares his experience of using RateTiger products and support.

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Embracing the Power of Dynamic Pricing to the Hotel Industry through BAR Level Feature

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BAR Level Feature

In this highly competitive landscape, hospitality businesses must constantly innovate and embrace cutting-edge technologies to meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of modern travelers. One of the most effective strategies embraced by modern hotels is dynamic pricing. This innovative approach has revolutionized how hotels determine their rates, allowing them to optimize revenue while delivering value to guests. According to booking.com, 43% of travelers will use virtual reality to inspire their vacation choices. Additionally, recent statistics indicate that the global hospitality market is witnessing rapid technological advancements, making it imperative for hotels to adopt innovative strategies.

In this blog post, we will introduce a new feature of RateTiger Channel Manager that allows you to create a customized pricing strategy tailored to your hotel’s occupancy levels, ensuring the perfect balance between supply and demand. With the system, it can effortlessly maintain specific pricing models during high and low seasons, weekdays, weekends, and more!

What is Dynamic Pricing?

Dynamic pricing refers to flexibly adjusting prices based on various factors such as demand, market conditions, and customer behavior. Instead of relying on static prices, hotels using dynamic pricing use advanced algorithms and data analysis to set the best possible prices for their rooms.

Through Bar level pricing, hotels use sophisticated algorithms and data analysis to set prices for each room type independently. This level of granularity allows hotels to optimize revenue by tailoring prices to individual segments of their customer base rather than offering uniform rates across the entire inventory.

RateTiger Channel Manager’s innovative BAR Level feature takes this concept further by setting prices based on specific room types or rate categories within a hotel’s inventory. This level of granularity allows hotels to maximize revenue by precisely targeting different segments of their customer base.

Advantages for Hotels:

  • Streamlined Pricing Strategy: Predefining prices and rules based on occupancy levels simplifies the pricing process, ensuring rates are automatically triggered when occupancy meets criteria.
  • Automated Rate Triggers: Prices are adjusted automatically based on occupancy, allowing hotels to respond swiftly to fluctuations in demand and optimize revenue during peak and off-peak periods.
  • Revenue Optimization: Dynamic pricing captures the true value of each room type, maximizing profitability and revenue potential for hotels.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Bar-level pricing provides the flexibility to adapt rates based on market conditions and competition, helping hotels stay agile and competitive.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Bar Level pricing relies on data analysis, enabling informed decisions based on market trends and customer behavior.
  • Enhanced Revenue Management: The automated nature of bar-level pricing reduces human errors in pricing decisions, leading to more efficient revenue management.

Benefits for Guests:

  • Fair Pricing: Guests pay prices that accurately reflect the value of their chosen room, ensuring fairness in the booking process.
  • Enhanced Experience: Guests can find options that align with their preferences and budgets, leading to a more personalized and satisfying stay.
  • Attractive Discounts: Dynamic pricing allows hotels to offer attractive discounts during off-peak periods, giving guests better rates for their accommodations.
  • Affordable Options: Flexibility in pricing enables guests to access high-quality accommodation at more affordable prices, maximizing the value they receive.
  • Increased Availability: As hotels adapt to changing market conditions with dynamic pricing, guests have a higher chance of finding availability even during busy periods, improving their chances of securing desired bookings.


BAR Level feature has become essential for hotels to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. By embracing this innovative approach, hotels can optimize their revenue, respond swiftly to market changes, and deliver value to their guests.

To know more about this feature, request/book a demo with our industry experts at sales@erevmax.com.

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