Loumage Suites & Spa Seef sees revenue growth of 15% from using RateTiger Solutions


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Revenue Growth with RateTiger

What’s the problem?

With the increase in tourism and business, manually adjusting room rates to accommodate demand during different time periods was becoming difficult for Loumage Suites & Spa.

With no channel manager, staying on top of inventory and rate planning was incredibly difficult. The hotel was losing revenue opportunities and wasting time and resources on manual processes, which were hindering the growth of the business.

What were the constraints?

Manual Processes

Monitoring and managing room rates and inventory across multiple demand partners was a big challenge, since it was being done manually. The hotel was spending too much time on managing OTAs, while running the risk of overbookings. No automatic updates were possible due to lack of a channel manager.

Impact of COVID-19

With the pandemic, the business suffered like the rest of the industry. Loumage Suites needed to attract domestic guests to generate bookings and revenue. This meant finding and adding local channels to their distribution mix to reach the right travellers.

Here’s what really happened

With RateTiger Channel Manager, Loumage Suites & Spa streamlined the management of OTAs. They managed inventory, rates and bookings seamlessly and improved occupancy & profits, and helped expand visibility in local and international markets.

The hotel also utilized RateTiger Booking Engine to increase their direct bookings. In only five months, Loumage Suites & Spa has seen 15% surge in online revenue with RateTiger.

The high quality ready-to use rate reports help them to forecast rates with greater precision, while the dashboard data reflects top channels as well as business performance metrics.

What does success look like?

Time Saving

Less time spent manually updating rates and availability across multiple distribution channels.

Reduce Manual Error

Remove risk of error and overbooking through automated, real-time inventory updates.

Efficient Yield Management

Maximize occupancy by reducing the number of missed booking opportunities.

Maintain Rate Parity

Achieve rate parity across all connected sales channels to maintain rate integrity.

What our client has to say

“RateTiger has immensely helped us save money in terms of time, it has also decreased our risk of overbooking and increased the online visibility of our property. RateTiger Booking Engine helps a lot with direct bookings.”
Sunil Norampat
General Manager, Loumage Suites & Spa Seef