Sunset Jeddah Leverages RateTiger Channel Manager to Maximize Revenue Growth

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Story of Sunset Jeddah

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Located in the Centre of Jeddah, Sunset Jeddah is well-known for the top hospitality services offered. It promises excellent guest services: well-decorated rooms, a private fitness centre, a swimming pool, and amazing spa services. It offers a global range of cuisine, presents an Indian restaurant along with a family restaurant called BonMiam Café, and is situated around the vibrant city of Jeddah, surrounded by good cultural attractions and landmarks.

The Sunset Jeddah aimed to expand its market reach and enhance its online visibility in the fiercely competitive hotel industry. However, it faced challenges in efficiency and accuracy, which impeded its revenue growth. Here's where RateTiger entered the picture.

Challenges Faced

Rate Parity Management

Equalizing prices on many shelves across the internet was not easy because a mistake could lead customers to assume that they overpaid or that the services were not exactly as they expected.

Time Constraints

The revenue management team had to contend with the time limitation in the multi-channel online marketing approach since they could not comprehensively manage all the channels.

Competitor Benchmarking

Tracking price and new promotions was time-consuming and pushed to the limits to stay relevant.

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How did It Start Solving?

Sunset Jeddah harnessed the power of RateTiger Channel Manager, integrating it with their Property Management System (PMS) to streamline pricing and inventory management. This 2-way XML connectivity enabled real-time synchronization across various online platforms including OTAs, metasearch engines, GDS, and booking engines.

With RateTiger, they effortlessly executed their sales strategy worldwide across all online channels with minimal effort.

Results They Experienced


Enhanced Market Reach

RateTiger facilitated wider market reach and improved online visibility for Sunset Jeddah, enabling it to attract a wider audience.


Time Savings and Efficiency

RateTiger's advanced automation features resulted in substantial time savings for the revenue management team, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives.

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Improved Accuracy

Real-time data synchronization ensured greater accuracy in managing rates and inventory, minimizing errors and discrepancies.


Strategic Success

With RateTiger's support, Sunset Jeddah successfully redirected its focus towards strategic initiatives, leading to remarkable business growth and success.

What Our Client has to Say

Sunset Jeddah

“We commend RateTiger for its unwavering commitment to innovation and adaptability in meeting the evolving needs of the hospitality industry. Their dedication to excellence has been instrumental in our journey, we look forward to fostering our successful partnership with RateTiger for years to come. During our onboarding process, Swati Keshri went above and beyond to ensure a smooth transition onto the RateTiger platform. Their guidance, expertise, and steadfast support were pivotal in facilitating our seamless and efficient operations from the outset. Furthermore, I must commend Ayman Wani for their exceptional support and dedication in helping us improve our reach with different OTAs. Ayman’s insights, prompt assistance, and proactive approach have greatly contributed to our success in expanding our presence across various online channels.”

Mr Rehmatullah Nadeem

IT / Revenue Manager, Sunset Jeddah.