RateTiger wins trust and loyalty from its oldest customer The Royal Highland Hotel


in Scotland


Beautiful Guest Rooms

160 years

of Service


Occupancy Post-covid

What’s the problem?

The Royal Highland Hotel goes beyond traditional revenue management, and incorporates customer behavior, dynamic pricing, segmentation, distribution, and marketing to optimize revenue from potential clients for which they required a trusted channel manager.

With guests coming from all over the world, managing and monitoring bookings according to the demands in a systematic way was difficult in the absence of a channel manager.

What were the constraints?

Remote Location

Being located far north of the UK mainland, the hotel needed to be visible to guest throughout the year and during the high season, the hotel needed an easy tool that can change rates in line.

Diverse Guest Portfolio

With its diverse guest profile, the revenue management team was grappling with the online distribution. Simply adopting more channels to sell on was not enough, but the hotel needed to assess which channels were worth it and managing all those channels, manually, was a different struggle.

Here’s what really happened

With RateTiger’s seamless connectivity, Royal Highland Hotel has been able to expand to new markets through regional channels and increase brand exposure. As RateTiger makes it easy to update rates and availability on multiple channels in a click, the revenue management team of Royal Highland has been able to save immense time managing online distribution.

RateTiger Channel Manager allows them to manage day-to-day inventory, with a quick and fast overview of all the bookings on a single dashboard and meet the demands for market intelligence.

Post Covid, the hotel managed to reach around 85% occupancy very quickly with the help of RateTiger Channel Manager by selling on the right OTAs and ensuring quick ARI updates across channels.

What does success look like?

Increased Online Distribution

With easy rate updates and increased availability on multiple channels, the property has been able to expand their reach in new markets, domestic as well as international.

Time Saving with Reduced Errors

When updating rates and availability across multiple distribution channels can be done with a few clicks, apart from saving time, it also removes the risk of manual error.

Efficient Revenue Management

Maximize occupancy by reducing the number of missed booking opportunities. Without wasting a lot of time on manual efforts, the hotel can focus more on sales strategies.

What our client has to say

“With RateTiger Channel Manager, we can manage all our demand partners and OTAs in one place. It is a powerful tool for making quick updates and has made managing online bookings easier. Since we started using RateTiger, we don’t need to worry about updating multiple channels anymore. RateTiger offers a wide network of channels which makes it easy for us to pick and choose who we want to work with. Not only do they offer a good mix of channels, but they also ensure the connections are smooth and stable so that updates are delivered in real-time.”
Indranil Banerjee
Group General Manager, The Royal Highland Hotel