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    2-way XML connectivity with 450+ online sales channels

    Global or Local, OTA or Wholesalers, GDS or Meta – you name it we have it

    RateTiger - Your Trusted Growth Partner

    Sell more rooms online – Make
    distribution simple

    Update rates & availability with 1 click for up to 2 years in advance.

    Manage channels effectively by adhering to extranet capabilities and restrictions.

    Remove manual errors with automated reservation delivery into PMS.

    Stay on top of your hotel’s performance with real-time reports.

    Instant notification for key decision making.

    Auto-close sale across all channels with pooled inventory to avoid over-bookings.

    Why RateTiger is the best solution for your hotel?

    Single Sign-on platform for Channel Management, Rate Shopping, Reservation Delivery & Analytics.

    Responsive dashboard that is easy-to-use and understand.

    Real time data transfer for occupancy and revenue maximization.

    In-built tools to monitor Sales Target, Profitability, Pace & Channel ROI.

    Promotions Manager to create and manage promotions on OTAs.

    Secure & stable system with 99.9% uptime and 24hr multilingual support

    Don't take our word for it, hear what our customers say

    “RateTiger is a powerful tool to make quick updates across all channels and offers seamless connection to key OTAs. It provides us with a wealth of insight on rates and distribution parameters, which improves decision-making. It has helped us control the availability of all our hotels online and allowed us to achieve total rate parity, which has been essential to be more competitive in the European market.”

    Sarova Hotels, UK

    “We've been using RateTiger Channel Manager for more than six years, it is simply outstanding. The interface is very easy to use, the automated inventory is time saving, and we can spend more time on analytics and strategy.”

    Hotel Beacon NYC, USA

    “We are delighted to have RateTiger as our connectivity partner - it is a great investment that has given us very good ROI. Over the past couple of years, our reservations have grown by 37% which translates to over 12 million SAR!.”

    The Venue Jeddah Corniche, Saudi Arabia

    “We are one of the earliest users of RateTiger, and we have been using it for almost 15 years. One of the main characters as to why we stuck on to RateTiger despite there are quite a few other players in the market is because of their products and after-sales service. I can say it as a user and somebody who has been using them for last so many years, RateTiger product and support is absolutely top class.”

    The Royal Highland Hotel, Scotland

    “RateTiger’s excellent 2-way connectivity between OTAs & PMS has allowed tremendous time saving and the consolidated reservation reporting has led to a drastic decrease in refunds. It further assists our green efforts thanks to reduced paperwork.”

    The New Yorker Hotel, USA