RateTiger Channel Manager and Booking Engine: The Secret to Johnwood Hotel by Bolton’s Revenue Growth

Press Release
Johnwood Hotel by Bolton

Nigeria, 16 October 2023

Boosting hotel business and managing brand reputation

Johnwood Hotel by Bolton, a 5-star property in Nigeria, has been leveraging RateTiger solutions, including RateTiger Channel Manager, to ensure rates and availability are synchronized across all sales channels. Additionally, they utilize the Booking Engine to keep brand.com updated with real-time inventory and rates. Using RateTiger solutions not only streamlines brand management but also enhances business productivity. Reservations from multiple sales channels are seamlessly integrated into the hotel’s PMS through the 2-way connect, enabling effective implementation of online revenue strategies.

Step into the lap of luxury at Johnwood Hotel by Bolton, a prestigious 5-star hotel in the heart of Abuja, Nigeria. Just a 35-minute drive from Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, this architectural masterpiece seamlessly blends elegance and convenience. The hotel offers 124 fully decorated rooms, suites, and apartments, all exuding contemporary design and an artistic ambience, inviting guests into a world of comfort and luxury. 

Johnwood Hotel by Bolton promises exceptional service and an immersive experience for the senses.

For over 5 months, Johnwood Hotel by Bolton has effectively utilized RateTiger Channel Manager and Booking Engine, resulting in a significant 40% increase in online bookings. This strategic implementation has boosted the hotel’s business operations and improved brand management. In comparison, the hotel has already witnessed a marked improvement in global visibility.  

“We have been utilizing RateTiger products for over 5 months. They have proven indispensable in boosting our hotel’s business and effectively managing our brand. The ease and efficiency it brings have significantly contributed to our success. The support from team RateTiger, especially Debadyuti Ghosh, has been outstanding, earning an impressive 80% approval rating. Their prompt and dedicated assistance has been crucial in streamlining our operations, further solidifying our trust in RateTiger’s capabilities. I highly recommend RateTiger solutions to fellow hotels, aiming to alleviate the complexities of brand management and improve overall business productivity. Their contributions have been instrumental, accounting for 85% of our successful business strategies. Well done, Team RateTiger!” – Remarked Mr. Franca Okonkwo, Assistant Business Development Manager at Johnwood Hotel by Bolton 

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RateTiger Helps Cantonal Hotel by Warwick Riyadh to Optimize Revenue

Press Release
PR Banner-Warwick Hotel

Riyadh, 27 September 2023

Boost reservations by more than 60% from OTAs with RateTiger Channel Manager

Cantonal Hotel by Warwick Riyadh has found a reliable and innovative partner in RateTiger, a leading provider of hotel revenue management solutions. This brand new 4-star international hotel has been using RateTiger Channel Manager for the last nine months to efficiently update rates and manage inventory across various online sales channels, enabling seamless reservations into their PMS.

Cantonal Hotel by Warwick Riyadh is a luxurious retreat in the heart of the bustling city. It offers spacious, elegant rooms, a rooftop restaurant with stunning city views, and exceptional care. This is the perfect place to enjoy a lavish stay in Riyadh.

This brand-new luxury property witnesses more than 60% occupancy growth by leveraging RateTiger Channel Manager. Over these nine months, this property has increased its visibility with RateTiger by using 2-way XML communication with OTAs and specialized channels to promote additional bookings.

According to research by Knight Frank, the Middle East’s travel and tourism sector has experienced remarkable growth, with a 46.9% increase in its contribution to GDP in 2023, the highest of any region globally. This has led to an increase in direct bookings for hotels in the region. Cantonal Hotel by Warwick Riyadh is well-positioned to capture this demand with RateTiger’s integrated technology solution, which provides the hotel with all the tools it needs to manage reservations, rates, and inventory across all channels, including its direct brand website and OTA channels.

“We have been consistently impressed with RateTiger Channel Manager’s ability to help us manage real-time extranet availability, seamless PMS updates for online reservations, and the flexibility to adjust rates in line with market demand in our online sales channels. RateTiger makes this easy and helps us to stay flexible. It also automates our availability and reservation system, which saves our time and allows us to focus on providing a great guest experience and running our hotel efficiently. We are thrilled to announce that we have increased occupancy growth by 60% by leveraging RateTiger.”– Remarked Mr Saqib Hussain, Revenue/Reservation Manager at Cantonal Hotel by Warwick Riyadh.

“Team RateTiger, especially Ms. Swati and Mr. Ayman, has provided outstanding, hands-on support and quickly helped us to solve problems with the RateTiger solutions. Their seamless and interactive training about RateTiger solutions helped us to get started efficiently. We rate their service 9.9 out of 10.” – Summed up Mr Saqib.

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Muscat Express Hotel Achieves Remarkable Revenue Growth with RateTiger’s BAR Level Feature

Press Release
Muscat Express Hotel

Oman, 16 August 2023

Recommends RateTiger Channel Manager for revenue management

Oman-based Muscat Express Hotel has experienced remarkable revenue growth by leveraging RateTiger Channel Manager and its innovative BAR Level feature. This groundbreaking feature has revolutionized the hotel’s revenue management strategy, leading to impressive results and positioning Muscat Express Hotel as a leader in the industry.  

This hotel is delighted to welcome guests to a world of luxury and unparalleled hospitality in the heart of Muscat, Oman. It offers a haven of luxury and comfort for both business and leisure travelers seeking a memorable stay. This 3-star hotel showcases a collection of elegant and spacious rooms and suites well designed to provide ultimate comfort and relaxation.  

Over the past year, the hotel has leveraged the benefits of RateTiger Channel Manager to streamline rate, inventory, and restriction management across all connected channels. This innovative solution allows the hotel to control its online presence through a centralized dashboard efficiently. Especially RateTiger’s BAR Level feature has become the cornerstone of this 3-star hotel’s revenue management approach. The hotel has optimized pricing strategies and maximizes revenue potential by dynamically adjusting room rates based on real-time market demand, competitor rates, and other crucial factors. 

Moreover, the seamless integration of RateTiger Channel Manager with the PMS has streamlined operations and eliminated manual errors. By updating rates and inventory across various distribution channels simultaneously, Muscat Express Hotel ensures consistency and accuracy, saving valuable time for the reservation team. Leveraging this feature, the hotel can now set rates dynamically to capitalize on peak demand periods and adjust them during low-demand periods to attract more bookings. This flexibility has proven to be a game-changer for the hotel’s success. 

The positive impact of the BAR Level feature on Muscat Express Hotel’s revenue has been remarkable. The hotel’s RevPAR has experienced significant growth, while direct bookings have surged, reducing reliance on OTAs. 

“We have witnessed an increase in revenue since using this feature. Our reservation team sometimes hesitates to make rate changes, particularly during late hours, but with the automated system following instructions and logic, we can make confident decisions that benefit our business. The feature has significantly reduced our manual effort. Proper rate management maximizes revenue and helps us maintain our reputation. In our 3-star hotel with limited human resources, the feature has minimized the workload. What used to take us 3 to 4 hours to manage prices now only takes 15 to 20 minutes.” Commented Mr Judson George, General Manager of Muscat Hotel, on the BAR level feature of RateTiger Channel Manager.

Check out the video where Mr Judson George, General Manager of Muscat Hotel, shares his experience of using RateTiger products and support.

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RateTiger Again Recognised as a Premier Connectivity Partner by Booking.com

Press Release
Premier Connectivity Partner

Orlando / London, 25 July 2023

Year after year RateTiger is recognized for its excellence

Once again, RateTiger by eRevMax, a top hotel connectivity distribution provider has been recognized as a Premier Connectivity Partner by Booking.com.

Premier partners are recognized for offering the most advanced systems with the widest range of products and services, along with a high connection quality. Achieving this status highlights RateTiger’s commitment towards product, technology, connectivity, support, and new feature addition for the hotel clients. It reflects RateTiger’s commitment to delivering a first-class experience through cutting-edge technology, which positively impacts both the customers and accommodation providers.

“We are excited that we have been designated as Booking.com’s Premier Connectivity Partner for 2023. This prestigious recognition reflects our commitment towards excellence in our product features, innovation, and our relentless dedication to providing strategic solutions to our wonderful clients. We are happy to deepen our collaboration with Booking.com and look forward to creating even greater value together in the hospitality industry. This achievement serves as a testament to our talented team’s hard work and expertise, and we remain steadfast in our mission to empower hotels with cutting-edge technology that enhances guest experiences and drives business success. Together with Booking.com, we will continue to shape the future of hospitality, one seamless connection at a time.” said Caroline Faries, Strategic Account Director – RateTiger by eRevMax.

Reece Evans, Area Manager, Connectivity Partnerships at Booking.com commented: “Rate Tiger’s commitment to delivering a first-class experience that enhances the mutual accommodation partner experience year after year is consistently strong and we’re thrilled to acknowledge that once again.”

Established in 2001, eRevMax is a pioneer in hospitality technology, especially rate shopping and channel management solutions. Being one of the first channel management companies to have established 2-way XML connectivity with Booking.com, RateTiger hotel distribution solutions have been continuously delivering seamless hotel distribution.

Serving the industry for 20+ years, RateTiger by eRevMax has a keen eye on the technology and tools used by the hotel industry. They keep enhancing their products as per trends to help hotels catch maximum online booking by assisting them in room rate, inventory and property management across 400+ OTAs, including Booking.com.

For marketing related queries, contact us at marketing@erevmax.com

About Booking.com

Part of Booking Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: BKNG), Booking.com’s mission is to make it easier for everyone to experience the world. By investing in the technology that helps take the friction out of travel, Booking.com’s marketplace seamlessly connects millions of travelers with memorable experiences every day. For more information, follow @bookingcom on social media or visit globalnews.booking.com.

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Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa Achieves Remarkable Growth with RateTiger Channel Manager

Press Release
Arabian Courtyard

Dubai, 13 July 2023

Recommends RateTiger Channel Manager for online distribution & revenue management

An award-winning 4-star hotel, Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa, situated in the heart of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has achieved exceptional success by implementing RateTiger Channel Manager. By leveraging it, the hotel has considerably extended its reach, tapped into new source markets, and achieved remarkable growth in bookings.

Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa, one of Dubai’s leading luxury hotels, invites guests to experience its renowned hospitality and luxurious amenities. It provides the tourists easy access to Dubai’s iconic attractions, including the Dubai Museum, Dubai Creek, and the vibrant shopping districts. The hotel’s prime location ensures that guests can immerse themselves in the city’s rich culture and experience the true essence of Dubai.

This luxury hotel with 172 rooms, is using RateTiger Channel Manager to manage rates dynamically, inventory and restrictions across all their connected channels from one central dashboard. By seamlessly connecting the hotel with multiple global & regional OTAs, metasearch, and GDS channels, RateTiger has enabled the hotel to maximize its visibility and increase its reach to potential guests.

This 4-star property is delighted to share the remarkable increase in online bookings and revenue following the implementation of the RateTiger Channel Manager. The hotel has experienced a substantial rise in the percentage of online bookings. By utilizing 2-way XML connectivity, Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa has improved its visibility across various online travel agencies (OTAs) and specialized channels.

“We have been relying on RateTiger Channel Manager for several years now, and it continues to surpass our expectations. The user-friendly interface makes it incredibly easy to navigate, and the automated inventory management saves us valuable time, allowing us to focus on strategic analysis and revenue optimization. With RateTiger, we can effortlessly manage multiple channels, all within a single, intuitive platform. Also, we are incredibly grateful for the exceptional 24/7 support the RateTiger team provides. We wholeheartedly endorse RateTiger as a trusted partner for hotel channel management. The responsive and reliable customer support they offer is unmatched in the industry. We highly recommend RateTiger to other properties seeking a dependable solution backed by a team that goes above and beyond to ensure success.” – Remarked Mr Tamer Mahmoud, Front Office Manager of Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa.

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Ewan Hospitality Group Recommends RateTiger Channel Manager for Revenue Growth

Press Release
Ewan Hospitality

Ajman, 13 June 2023

Experience 35% increase in occupancy by leveraging RateTiger Channel Manager

Ewan Hotels & Resorts, an amazing marque in the Northern Emirates, Ajman, recommended RateTiger to manage online channels and distribution connectivity. This iconic symbol of Ajman property has been using RateTiger Channel Manager since last one year to update rates and inventory across online sales channels and receive reservations into their PMS.

Ewan Hotels & Resorts are known for providing a unique blend of traditional Arab hospitality. They believe in “Live Life King Size” with minimum expenses. They believe that creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere is the key to making guests feel at home and comfortable during their stay.

This luxury property witnesses a 35% occupancy growth by leveraging RateTiger Channel Manager. Over one year, this property has increased its visibility with RateTiger by using 2-way XML communication with OTAs and specialized channels to promote additional bookings.

“Since implementing RateTiger Channel Manager, we have seen a significant increase in bookings across multiple sales channels. We have streamlined our booking and reduced the risk of errors. We are confident this platform will continue to be a game-changer for our property. We are thrilled to announce that our upscale property has achieved a 35% increase in occupancy by leveraging RateTiger Channel Manager. The user-friendly interface has enabled us to manage our time and resources efficiently. At the same time, the market intelligence reports have given us valuable insights into our OTA spread and allowed us to update our rates and inventory to stay competitive.” Remarked Mr Rakesh Tripathi – General Manager, Ewan Hospitality.

“We would like to thank the RateTiger support team for their 24*7 exceptional service. We highly recommend other properties looking for reliable and responsive customer support to consider RateTiger for their hotel channel management needs.” – Added Mr Rakesh Tripathi – General Manager, Ewan Hospitality.

Along with being a seamless hotel channel manager, RateTiger also provides booking engine, rate shopper, website design and digital marketing solutions to hotels worldwide. It offers 99.5% system uptime and is security certified under ISO and PCI.

Rakesh Tripathi - Ewan

Mr Rakesh Tripathi

General Manager, Ewan Hospitality

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Magna Hotel and Suites, Nairobi Experiences Revenue Growth with RateTiger 

Press Release
Magna Hotel & Suites RateTiger

Nairobi, 16 May 2023

Recommends RateTiger Shopper & Booking Engine for all-in-one online distribution  

Nairobi-based Magna Hotel & Suites has found the ultimate hotel revenue-management solution with RateTiger. This 4-star property has been using the RateTiger Shopper for rate intelligence and projection on market trends, adding value to its overall revenue strategy.

Along with it, this luxury hotel also uses RateTiger Booking Engine & Global Distribution System an overall convenience in online distribution and revenue growth.

The user-friendly interface of the Rate Shopper has proven beneficial for Magna Hotel by increasing efficiency in performance and reducing the time spent on management. The market intelligence reports provided by the RateTiger Shopper also offer insights into their OTA (Online Travel Agency) spread, allowing them to update their rates and inventory in real-time.

This luxury property has been experiencing increased connectivity and direct income facilitated by the Rate Shopper, Booking Engine, and GDS contributing to improved revenue performance and guest satisfaction.

The distribution and revenue management team of the hotel can optimize their revenue strategy and drive direct bookings by effectively managing rates, inventory, and promotions across online distribution channels.

“We have been using Booking Engine, RateTiger Shopper and GDS for the last one year. RateTiger provides up-to-date industry news, forecasting trends and strategy recommendations, fast customer service and keeps us market ready. Pooling inventory to deliver ARI updates, including system repair and update exercises, increases our communication with our other channels.” – Commented Ms. Wanjiku Mungai, Management, Magna Hotel & Suites, Nairobi.

“Team RateTiger provided hands-on assistance and quickly assisted in problem-solving with the RateTiger solutions. The seamless and interactive training about RateTiger solutions helped us to facilitate efficient onboarding.” – Summed up Ms. Mungai.

RateTiger Shopper is a revenue management tool that helps hotels maintain rate integrity and the correct pricing on various channels to optimize their pricing and revenue strategies.

The 4-star luxury Magna Hotel & Suites uses RateTiger Booking Engine to capture direct bookings from their website, reducing the dependency on OTAs and third-party channels. Along with it, it helps them seamlessly manage their room rates across all platforms.

After using RateTiger Shopper and Booking Engine, Magna Hotel & Suites now looks forward to connecting with other member-partners on the GDS network and maximizing on other RateTiger products.

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Art City Inn Vilnius recommends RateTiger Channel Manager & Booking Engine for Revenue Growth

Press Release
hotel art city inn press release ratetiger
Vilnius, 6 October 2022

Experiences strong recovery and expansion in online bookings

Lithuania-based upscale property Art City Inn has been leveraging RateTiger Channel Manager and Booking Engine for optimizing and expanding online distribution. The property has experienced excellent growth in bookings by adding new source markets through RateTiger’s wide network of demand channels as well as driving direct bookings from their brand website.

As per European Travel Commission’s forecast, Europe is expected to recover 70% of the pre-pandemic travel revenue by end of 2022. It is important for hotels to spread out their inventory across multiple distribution touchpoints to attract guests and increase market share.

Art City Inn with 128 rooms is using RateTiger Channel Manager to dynamically manage rates, inventory and restrictions across all their connected channels from one central dashboard. A popular choice of accommodation for travelers from across the world, Art City Inn has increased its visibility by tapping into RateTiger’s seamless connectivity with over 450 global & regional OTAs, metasearch, and GDS channels to develop new markets and guest segments.

Edvinas Bingelis, Front Office Manager, Art City Inn Vilnius commented “We are working with RateTiger for the last 2 years. I have been looking for a Channel Manager that can monitor and help manage all our OTAs. When I saw the features and functionalities of RateTiger Channel Manager, I was really impressed. RateTiger Channel Manager helps us control room inventory and prices over different OTA platforms in a single click. We can create various Promotions for OTAs through RateTiger directly. We are able to quickly adapt our rooms and prices according to market changes which give us an edge over competitors.”

“RateTiger offers a wide network of demand channels and is connected to most OTAs, metasearch, and other travel sites. With a few clicks of the mouse, we can implement our sales strategy globally across all online channels. Further, RateTiger Booking Engine helps implement our rate strategy on our website in real-time helping improve direct booking opportunities. The best thing about RateTiger solutions is that they are technologically advanced while being easy to use. The support they provide is efficient, quick and responsive which adds to our overall experience,” summed up Edvinas.

Since partnering with RateTiger, the property has improved its online exposure considerably by expanding its distribution mix. Check out the video where Mr. Edvinas Bingelis shares his experience with RateTiger.

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Al Safir Hotel & Tower Trusts RateTiger for Rate Parity and Revenue Management

Press Release
al safir hotel ratetiger press release banner
Manama, 1 September 2022

Recommends RateTiger Shopper, Channel Manager & Booking Engine for total online distribution

Bahrain-based Al Safir Hotel & Tower has found its perfect technology partner in RateTiger. The 4-star luxury property has been leveraging eRevMax solutions, including RateTiger Shopper for rate intelligence and managing price parity, Channel Manager for keeping rates and availability in sync across all sales channels as well as Booking Engine for keeping brand.com updated with real-time inventory and rates. Reservations from various sales channels get delivered directly into the hotel’s PMS through the 2-way connect, thus helping the hotel drive its online revenue strategies effectively.

Located in the heart of Bahrain’s vibrant entertainment district – Juffair, Al Safir believes in giving a royal stay to each of its guests. The property has 193 stylishly designed deluxe rooms, suites, and apartments. Al Safir manifests a legacy with the motive “service before self”. The hotel has been awarded Six Sigma Certification & three ISO / IMS certificates and is proud to be the first hotel in the Kingdom of Bahrain to achieve this recognition.

Al Safir provides the unbending comfort and convenience of a modern extravagant hotel without any compromise on its rare significant character. It is a gateway to a magnificent place that offers an exotic experience, soothing hospitality, and a royal stay.

Over the past year, the hotel has leveraged the benefits of RateTiger Shopper to monitor competitor prices as well as market trends. The On-Demand Rate Reports provide access to intelligent room rate data thus helping them with pricing decisions. RateTiger’s pricing reports are in demand for their accuracy and quality as well as the real-time value it brings to hotels. With these reports, Al Safir Hotel has been able to strategize and implement effective room pricing across different channels thereby maximizing profit margins.

As per the latest iGA statistics, Bahrain recorded a staggering 984% surge in tourist arrivals in Q1 2022, compared with the same period last year. With the inflow of tourists, hotels have also witnessed an increase in direct bookings. With RateTiger’s integrated technology solution, Al Safir has been geared up to attract this inflow of tourists and had all the tools in place to capture this demand, both through the direct brand website as well as OTA channels.

“We have been using RateTiger Shopper for rate benchmarking as well as to maintain rate parity. We save a lot of time as we can make pricing decisions by reviewing the on-demand rate reports. It’s important to ensure that our rates remain competitive in the market and to have the benefit of maintaining rate stability during high and low periods to increase demand. RateTiger Shopper makes it possible for us to optimize our pricing strategy through effectively responding to the dynamic changes in the market,” commented Mr. Retheesh Kumar, General Manager, Al Safir Hotel & Tower.

“RateTiger Channel Manager and Booking Engine help implement our rate strategy across all distribution channels in real-time. While the RateTiger products are great, their customer support team adds to the ‘wow’ experience. They are available 24/7 to assist us and we absolutely love being a partner to such an amazing team,” summed up Mr. Kumar.

RateTiger Shopper is a comprehensive yet easy-to-use hotel rate intelligence solution. It enables hotels to check room rates are accurate across all channels while analyzing room rates of your competitive set and rate positioning across multiple hotel websites, third-party sales channels, and online travel agents (OTA). RateTiger Channel Manager and Booking Engine make online distribution easy and seamless through an intuitive single sign-on dashboard.

Check out this video where Mr. Retheesh Kumar, General Manager, Al Safir Hotel & Tower shares his experience of using RateTiger products and support.

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Malta based Osborne Hotel improves online revenue with RateTiger

Press Release

Valletta, 04 August 2022

Experiences consistent growth with RateTiger Channel Manager and Rate Shopper

Housed in one of the magnificent palaces built by the knights of the Order of St John, Osborne Hotel, a 3-star luxury property in Valletta, has strongly recommended RateTiger as its technology partner of choice for hotel rate shopping, channel management and online distribution.

The property has experienced significant improvement in their operational efficiency by leveraging RateTiger’s cloud-based channel manager and on-demand shopping tool. They have been leveraging the 2-way XML connectivity with global and regional OTAs, and niche channels to drive more bookings.

RateTiger’s pooled inventory model allows the revenue management team to continuously distribute its live rates and inventory to multiple booking channels and deliver updates back into its property management system (PMS) in real-time, without worrying about overbooking. The in-built booking trends and business analytics data combined with competitor benchmarking reports give them key market insights to make informed decisions.

With summer travel in full swing across Europe, hotels are spreading their inventory across multiple distribution touch-points and creating attractive packages & promotions and RateTiger provides the platform to make this easy.

We have been using RateTiger for the past 7 years and are extremely satisfied with it and we highly recommend RateTiger to other hoteliers. RateTiger helps us increase revenue through OTAs. It is very easy to use, especially updating rates and availability. We have a dedicated Account Manager, and the technical support team is highly efficient. The team always try to resolve problems efficiently and as quickly as possible. Thanks to RateTiger, in this competitive market, their solution is helping us greatly to recover our business after the difficult time in the last 2 years,” commented Brian Caruana, General Manager, Osborne Hotel.

“Malta is one of our key markets in Europe and we are happy to win this strong recommendation from Osborne Hotel. We strive to help hotels by making online distribution management easy and seamless while assisting with revenue maximization. We have invested in building stable connectivity with over 450 OTAs and technology providers. Our solutions simplify operations, improve efficiencies, and give hoteliers time to focus on strategy. Backed by real-time data and analytics, hoteliers can respond to market dynamics more efficiently, and optimize online revenue,” said Trupti Mokal, Regional Sales Head, RateTiger.

The 63-room hotel is set amongst Valletta’s 320 monuments, is the perfect place to stay, for families & business travelers, to discover one of the most concentrated historic centres in the world. RateTiger provides channel management, booking engine, rate shopping, website development and online distribution solutions to hotels worldwide.

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