MinaMark Resort & Spa Experiences Revenue Growth with RateTiger Channel Manager

MinaMark Resort Spa

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Story of MinaMark Resort & Spa

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MinaMark Resort & Spa, located just a three-minute stroll from the sandy shores of downtown Hurghada’s Sakala area, offers a serene escape for travelers seeking relaxation and adventure. With modern amenities, including air conditioning, satellite TV, exquisite dining options, and a rejuvenating spa, the resort provides an unforgettable retreat by the Red Sea. Its prime location ensures easy access to Hurghada International Airport and nearby attractions.

Now, this 4-star property wanted to deliver seamless and exceptional experiences to its esteemed guests to boost online bookings and revenue. That's how RateTiger came into the picture.

Challenges Faced

Inventory Distribution Across Multiple Channels

MinaMark Resort & Spa faced significant challenges maintaining accurate room inventory across multiple OTA channels. This often led to issues such as overbookings or underselling, negatively impacting guest satisfaction and revenue. This inefficiency hindered MinaMark's potential to maximize its revenue and reach a broader audience.

Rate Parity Maintenance

Maintaining consistent room rates across various OTAs was another major challenge for MinaMark Resort & Spa. Inconsistent pricing caused confusion among potential guests and could lead to missed bookings or customer dissatisfaction.

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Where did They Find the Solution?

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To address these challenges, MinaMark Resort & Spa started using RateTiger Channel Manager to manage all OTA channels efficiently, ensuring a seamless online distribution strategy. Since implementing RateTiger, there has been a notable increase in online bookings and revenue, highlighting the platform’s significant impact on overall performance.

The intuitive interface of RateTiger has also resulted in considerable time savings in managing OTAs. The fast & simple solution of RateTiger has empowered the property to focus on strategic initiatives to expand market coverage and strengthen its presence across various OTA platforms.

Results Achieved


Increased Online Bookings and Revenue

With RateTiger, MinaMark witnessed a notable increase in online bookings and overall revenue. The seamless integration and efficient management of OTA channels played a crucial role in achieving these results.


Time Savings

RateTiger's intuitive interface resulted in considerable time savings for the resort’s staff. Managing OTAs became faster and simpler, allowing the team to focus on strategic initiatives to expand market coverage.

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Enhanced Operational Efficiency

The centralized platform streamlined operations, reducing the complexity and effort required to manage multiple OTA channels.


Improved Customer Experience

RateTiger’s connectivity with over 400 OTAs and technology providers, along with 24/7 support, helped them focus on improving customer experience.

What Our Client has to Say

MinaMark Resort Spa

RateTiger’s support team has been a lifesaver for me. My account manager, Mr Ayman Wanni, and Mr Shahnawaz Quddus from the support team are true rock stars. They’re incredibly responsive and helpful. Whenever I have a question or request, they immediately create a support ticket and often even resolve the issue before I even get a notification! This proactiveness and efficient service give me great peace of mind. Their solutions are exactly what we needed: fast, simple, and effective. Managing all our OTA channels through a single platform significantly streamlined our operations. But the biggest win for me is the time and effort saved. RateTiger allows me to implement our business plans more efficiently.”

Ms Christina E. Naguib 

Ecommerce Manager at MinaMark Resort & Spa.