Magna Hotel & Suites, Nairobi Experiences Revenue Growth with RateTiger


Star Property



Adjacent to

Karura forest

The Story of Magna Hotel & Suites

Magna Hotel & Suites is a well-maintained luxury hotel located in the heart of Nairobi, Kenya. This 4-star property is situated near the United Nations Headquarters in Africa and the US Embassy. This hotel is close to modern shopping destinations, cozy cafes and world-class golf courses.

The privileged location and the Karura forest reserve sanctuary have always been the USP of the Magna Hotel & Suites.

As the demand for accommodation in Magna Hotel & Suites increased, the management recognized the need for a robust revenue management system to optimize their revenue potential. That’s how RateTiger came into the picture.

Challenges Faced

Limited Market Insights

The absence of real-time market data posed a challenge for Magna Hotel & Suites, hampering their ability to make well-informed pricing decisions and maintain a competitive edge against other regional hotels. They were in need of a real-time rate shopping tool that could help them get competitor's rates and market insights.

Managing Availability Rate Inventory

Managing rates and availability across multiple OTAs individually during peak hours presented a significant challenge for Magna Hotel & Suites. They sought a solution to seamlessly integrate all their online booking sources with the hotel's PMS.

Where did They Find the Solution?

Through implementing RateTiger, Magna Hotel & Suites experienced several positive outcomes and benefits. By leveraging Rate Shopper, Magna Hotel & Suites gained valuable market insights, enabling them to optimize room rates in real time. It helped them to increase revenue and improve RevPAR.

With RateTiger Booking Engine & GDS, they were able to increase connectivity and direct income.

Magna Hotel & Suites claims, "Team RateTiger provided hands-on assistance and quickly assisted in problem-solving with the RateTiger solutions. The seamless and interactive training about RateTiger solutions helped us to facilitate efficient onboarding."

Results Achieved

Enhanced Connectivity and Direct Income

The integration of RateTiger Booking Engine and GDS facilitated seamless connectivity with multiple online booking sources.

Strategic Pricing Decisions

Rate Shopper gave them easy access to know the competitor's prices to stay in line with market rates. Helps to monitor real-time rate movement for pricing adjustment.

Improved Operational Efficiency

RateTiger's cutting-edge technology created seamless online visibility via efficient online distribution for Magna Hotel & Suites.

Consistent Growth

RateTiger Booking Engine helped them to capture direct bookings from their hotel website and reduced the dependency on third-party channels.

What Our Client has to Say

“We have been using Booking Engine, RateTiger Shopper and GDS for the last one year. RateTiger provides up-to-date industry news, forecasting trends and strategy recommendations, fast customer service and keeps us market ready. Pooling inventory to deliver ARI updates, including system repair and update exercises, increases our communication with our other channels.”
Ms. Wanjiku Mungai
Management, Magna Hotel & Suites, Nairobi