Leveraging RateTiger Solutions to Enhance Operations and Profitability at KamarKoe Hotel Group

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Story of KamarKoe Hotel Group

KamarKoe Hotel, D’Sawah Villa Umalas, and Sunset Mansion are three distinguished properties under the KamarKoe Hotel Group. Renowned for their luxurious accommodations and exceptional guest services, these properties offer unique experiences in prime locations in Indonesia. Whether seeking relaxation, shopping, or nightlife, these properties are ideally situated to cater to every need.

Now, to enhance guest satisfaction, operational effectiveness, and market reach, these properties have adopted cutting-edge technologies from RateTiger.

Challenges Faced

Market Reach and Online Visibility

KamarKoe Hotel Group aimed to expand its market reach and improve online visibility to maximize profits. The group needed a comprehensive solution to connect with a wider network of demand channels and effectively manage its online presence.

Direct Bookings

This hotel group wanted to increase direct bookings through its websites, reducing reliance on OTAs and third-party channels. High dependence on OTAs led to increased commission costs and reduced control over customer relationships.

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Where did They Find the Solution?

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KamarKoe Hotel Group integrated RateTiger to address their key challenges. For the past 4 months, KamarKoe Hotel Group has been utilizing RateTiger Channel Manager and RateTiger Shopper to significantly expand its market reach by connecting with a wide network of demand channels. The RateTiger Shopper provided valuable competitive rate intelligence, enabling the hotel to refine its pricing strategy and maintain competitiveness in the market.

All properties within the KamarKoe Hotel Group adopted the RateTiger Booking Engine to secure direct bookings through its website, effectively reducing reliance on OTAs and third-party channels, thereby saving on commission fees. The booking engine also facilitated effortless management of room rates and inventory across all platforms.

Results Achieved


Increased Bookings

The integration with RateTiger’s extensive network of demand channels resulted in a significant increase in bookings for KamarKoe Hotel.


Boosted Direct Bookings

The Hotel Group saw a rise in direct bookings through its brand website, higher profitability by reducing reliance on OTAs and saving on commission fees

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Operational Efficiency

The seamless management of multiple OTAs and direct booking engines from a single dashboard streamlined operations and reduced the risk of overbookings.


Profit Maximization

Utilizing RateTiger Shopper and MetaSearch allowed the properties to optimize pricing strategies and capitalize on market opportunities.

What Our Client has to Say

Kamarkoe Hotel - RateTiger 2

In essence, channel management is the large-scale process of coordinating multiple sales channels. These can be direct or indirect sales channels, through third-party entities such as distributors, retailers, or agents, who play a major role in marketing and selling products or services. We hope there are no misses between the channel manager (Rate Tiger) and the PMS hotel system (Insoft pms) regarding reservations during high season so that overbooking does not occur.”

Ms. Astrid M Rompas

Cluster Hotel Manager, KamarKoe Hotel Group.