Johnwood Hotel by Bolton - A Tale of Revenue Growth and Efficient Brand Management

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Story of Johnwood Hotel by Bolton

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Johnwood Hotel by Bolton is a 5-star property in Nigeria that offers exceptional service and an immersive experience for the senses. However, the hotel faced a number of challenges in boosting its business operations and managing its brand reputation. With 124 meticulously decorated rooms, suites, and apartments, the hotel has consistently aimed to provide an immersive experience for its guests.

Challenges Faced

Online Visibility

Despite its lavish offerings, Johnwood Hotel by Bolton struggled with online visibility and direct bookings on its brand website, affecting revenue growth.

Inventory and Rate Management

Synchronizing rates and availability across various online sales channels was becoming increasingly complex and time-consuming. This lack of efficiency was hampering the overall performance of the hotel.

Brand Management

Consistency in brand representation across various online platforms was a concern. Maintaining an up-to-date and appealing brand presence was a priority.

How they find the solution:

With the RateTiger Channel Manager, this hotel successfully synchronized rates and availability across all their sales channels, including online travel agencies (OTAs), global distribution systems (GDS), and metasearch engines.

This automated process not only reduced the risk of overbookings but also allowed the hotel to respond promptly to market dynamics. The RateTiger Booking Engine provided real-time inventory and rate updates on the Johnwood Hotel's brand website, ensuring that it remained an attractive and competitive booking platform.

Results Achieved


40% Increase in Online Bookings

For over 5 months, the hotel has effectively utilized RateTiger, resulting in a significant 40% increase in online bookings.


Enhanced Brand Management

With RateTiger Booking Engine, the hotel improved its brand's online presence by keeping its website up-to-date with real-time rates and inventory.

Group 1940

Global Visibility

The hotel experienced a notable improvement in global visibility, which was essential for attracting international travelers.


Customer Support

RateTiger offers 24/7 customer support, accounting for 85% of Johnwood Hotel by Bolton's successful business strategies' gains.

What Our Client has to Say

Johnwood Hotel

“We have been utilizing RateTiger products for over 5 months. They have proven indispensable in boosting our hotel’s business and effectively managing our brand. The ease and efficiency it brings have significantly contributed to our success. The support from team RateTiger, especially Debadyuti Ghosh, has been outstanding, earning an impressive 80% approval rating. Their prompt and dedicated assistance has been crucial in streamlining our operations, further solidifying our trust in RateTiger’s capabilities. I highly recommend RateTiger solutions to fellow hotels, aiming to alleviate the complexities of brand management and improve overall business productivity. Their contributions have been instrumental, accounting for 85% of our successful business strategies. Well done, Team RateTiger!”

Mr. Franca Okonkwo

Assistant Business Development Manager at
Johnwood Hotel by Bolton