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Google Hotel Ads is the epitome of digital marketing. Leverage the power of this metasearch engine to pull in direct traffic to your website.

Spend at the right time at the right place when people search for your hotel. Be visible to guests when they are ready to book and attract direct reservations to your brand website.

The Perks of Google Hotel Ads

Target a million travelers on Google Hotels Ads

Whether you are a boutique hotel, villa, hostel or a cottage, thousands of people start their search on Google! Whichever hotel people are looking for, they can find it on Google!

Why Google Hotel Ads Matter?

Partner with Google to boost your business

Showcase available room rates:

Display the ambiance of the room and the room rates on Google ads to reach relevant customers.

Create exciting packages:

Differentiate one room from the other by highlighting features and amenities like breakfast, pool, Wi-Fi, etc.

Track your conversions:

Utilize your budget in the best way by keeping a tab on the conversion rates and setting a budget cap.

Maximize visibility across Google platforms:

With Google Hotel Ads, your hotel can appear globally on google.com and Google Maps, wherever and whenever travelers search for hotels.


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