Crown Hotel Port Moresby

Refers RateTiger As Smart

Solution For Online Distribution

How did the story begin?

Crown Hotel Port Moresby is a hill-top resort providing an all-embracing view of the Coral Sea. Located at Papua New Guinea’ business district, this hub welcomes hundreds of business travellers every week.

With the diversion of hotel bookings to web portals, even top companies shifted to online booking channels /website/ OTAs. This brought a big blow to Crown Hotel Port Moresby’s reservations.

To maintain position, optimal distribution and real-time ARI update was the need of the hour.

Challenges faced

Disconnection Among All Hands Of Travel

Catering mainly to business travellers, Crown Hotel Port Moresby’s management demanded a global distribution channel. They wanted a computerized system that could initiate free flow of transactions between airways, hotels, car rentals and travel agencies.

Manual Online Distribution

It’s true that the hotel owners were spreading their wings to different hotel booking sites, but were facing barriers. Handling each of the OTAs manually was very time consuming with a high chance of errors. This cost the hotel in terms of time, revenue, expansion and mistakes.

Here's what really happened

With 157 rooms and suites, Crown Hotel Port Moresby integrated with RateTiger. Availing the benefit of RateTiger connectivity they were able to expand their visibility across new geographies for maximum exposure.

The hotel started to manage their room rates and availability across multiple OTAs and GDS via RateTiger Channel Manager. They got the gateway to link all to one platform and handle multiple places at a go.

Results Achieved

Comprehensive Platform

RateTiger provided Crown Hotel Port Moresby with a smart solution to expand their reach, manage bookings and double revenue.

Real-time Updates

Updating rates and availability across thousands of distribution channels in real-time seemed like a slice of cake with RateTiger connectivity.

Save Manual Hours

Going automated with the pooled inventory model, saved the hotel team of significant time. The hours of work were done in seconds now.

More Profit

Breaking geographical boundaries, Crown Hotel Port Moresby attracted travellers from everywhere, hence the bookings and revenue started multiplying.

What our client has to say

“Crown Hotel Port Moresby is very happy with this smart solution as it is already showing the best results in terms of revenue management. RateTiger offers the most detailed and comprehensive solution in the market which allow us to have more knowledge over our competitors in the region.”
Shankar Ghoshal
General Manager, Crown Hotel Port Moresby