Cantonal Hotel by Warwick Riyadh Experiences a 60% Increase in Occupancy by Leveraging RateTiger

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Story of Cantonal Hotel by Warwick Riyadh

Cantonal Hotel by Warwick Riyadh, a brand-new 4-star international luxury hotel, embarked on a journey to establish its presence in the bustling city of Riyadh. Facing the competitive landscape of the Middle East's booming travel and tourism sector, the hotel encountered several challenges in managing rates, inventory, and online reservations.

This brand-new luxury property has found a reliable and innovative partner in RateTiger, a leading provider of hotel revenue management solutions. This 4-star international hotel has been using RateTiger Channel Manager for the last nine months to efficiently update rates and manage inventory across various online sales channels, enabling seamless reservations into their PMS.

Challenges Faced

Competitive Landscape

The Middle East's travel and tourism sector experienced unprecedented growth, resulting in intense competition among hotels in the region. Like Cantonal Hotels by Warwick Riyadh experience, managing rate changes, updates, and availability across various channels in real-time can be time-consuming and prone to errors if not properly managed.

Real-time Inventory Management

Cantonal Hotel struggled with real-time extranet availability and seamless PMS updates for online reservations, leading to potential booking errors.

Struggling Online Presence

The hotel found itself grappling with a struggling online presence, which was impacting its ability to reach and attract potential guests in the digital landscape. This challenge highlighted the pressing need for a comprehensive solution to enhance its online visibility and effectively compete in the increasingly competitive online marketplace.

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Where did they find the Solution?

Cantonal Hotel by Warwick Riyadh has increased its visibility with RateTiger by using 2-way XML communication with OTAs and specialized channels to promote additional bookings.
This brand-new luxury property witnesses more than 60% occupancy growth by leveraging RateTiger Channel Manager.

The 4-star hotel said, "Team RateTiger, especially Ms. Swati and Mr. Ayman, has provided outstanding, hands-on support and quickly helped us to solve problems with the RateTiger solutions. Their seamless and interactive training about RateTiger solutions helped us to get started efficiently. We rate their service 9.9 out of 10."

Results Achieved


Occupancy Growth

Leveraging RateTiger Channel Manager, the hotel experienced a remarkable 60% growth in occupancy, attracting more guests and boosting revenue.


Enhanced Visibility

Through 2-way XML connectivity with OTAs and specialized channels, the hotel increased its visibility and promoted additional bookings.

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Streamlined Operations

Automating availability and reservations made the hotel more efficient and guest-focused, significantly improving the overall guest experience.


Customer Support

RateTiger's 24/7 exceptional customer support played a crucial role in ensuring a seamless experience for the hotel.

What Our Client has to Say

Cantonal Hotel by Warwick Riyadh - RateTiger

“We have been consistently impressed with RateTiger Channel Manager’s ability to help us manage real-time extranet availability, seamless PMS updates for online reservations, and the flexibility to adjust rates in line with market demand in our online sales channels. RateTiger makes this easy and helps us to stay flexible. It also automates our availability and reservation system, which saves our time and allows us to focus on providing a great guest experience and running our hotel efficiently. We are thrilled to announce that we have increased occupancy growth by 60% by leveraging RateTiger.”

Mr Saqib Hussain

Revenue/Reservation Manager at
Cantonal Hotel by Warwick Riyadh.