Bhagini Icon Premier, Bangalore Experiences Easy, Quick & Seamless Channel Management with RateTiger


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The Story of Bhagini Icon Premier

Bhagini Icon Premier in Bangalore, a part of the Bhagini hotel group, caters largely to business travelers for short as well as extended stays. In FY 2018, before the pandemic, hotels in the city experienced a Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) surpassing other major hotel markets in India. But, with travel restrictions and lockdown emerging since the pandemic, the entire game had changed.

The Hotel’s Operations Manager, Mr. Ramamurthy knew that adaptability is fundamental for survival as the guest behavior and preferences have changed post-pandemic. He wanted a cost-effective solution with a user-friendly interface, robust security, quick updates, and wide channel connectivity. Thereby, they decided to switch to RateTiger to simplify their operations.

Questions They Were Struggling With

How to Bounce Back to Business?

After the devastating impact of Covid-19, Bhagini Icon Premier was looking for a solution to realign their sales strategy. Boosting online presence was the gateway to creating an impression in people’s minds. They wanted a solution to advertise across the right channels at the right time at the right price.

How to Stay Updated Across Multiple Channels?

While boosting online presence was one concern, another bigger challenge was how to maintain real-time ARI updates across all OTAs without any error. Updating inventory details manually was not only time consuming but also risk-prone. Delayed/ wrong inventory update was one of the major reasons for losing booking opportunities.

Where Did They Find the Answer?

Being not so satisfied with their previous vendor, Bhagini Hotel switched to RateTiger Channel Manager. This helped them accomplish their new goal of advertising across the right channels at the right time to pull in maximum bookings.

RateTiger’s exceptional distribution connectivity means the solution is always up-to-speed with over 99.9% product uptime. This helped them stay updated across all channels and manage all their distribution channels from a single dashboard.

Along with connectivity and distribution, the operations team started utilizing the insights to strategize their sales strategy focusing on domestic and staycation guests.

”Compared to our previous vendor we find RateTiger to be efficient, quick and responsive, in fact, exceeding our expectations at all levels. I will definitely recommend RateTiger by eRevMax”

Results Achieved


Maximum Occupancy

Maximize occupancy by reducing out-of-date inventory and the number of missed booking opportunities due to delays in updating rates and availability.


Valuable Time Investment

Automating the process, they saved time in manually updating data across all channels and focused better on increasing sales.

Group 1940

Hassle-free Online Distribution

Bring all the sales and online distribution channels (OTAs and Metasearch) on one screen, for free flow of data, from a single sign-on dashboard.


100% Accurate Rate Parity

Maintain rate consistency and accuracy across all the OTAs, distribution channels, and hotel’s website by updating room rates and availability in real-time from the dashboard.

What our client has to say

“Rate parity & accurate inventory management is a must to maintain your property at par with your competitors. With RateTiger Channel Manager we have been able to bring all OTA channels under one window for all possible modifications like rate, inventory and restrictions. The option of changing rates and inventory at any point of time in a single click has really made online distribution simple.”
Mr. Ramamurthy, Operations Manager, Icon Premier Hotel