Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa Recommends RateTiger Channel Manager for Online Distribution & Revenue Management

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Story of Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa

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Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa, located in the heart of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is a 4-star award-winning hotel known for its Arabian hospitality and luxurious amenities. It provides tourists easy access to Dubai's iconic attractions, including the Dubai Museum, Dubai Creek, and the vibrant shopping districts.

With its enviable location, guests are allowed to fully immerse themselves in Dubai's captivating cultural tapestry and embrace the city's authentic essence.

They wanted to extend their reach and tap into the new source market to increase booking growth. That's how RateTiger came into the picture.

Challenges Faced

Manage Multiple OTAs

Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa faced the challenge of updating rates and availability across multiple online travel agencies (OTAs) individually. This manual process was time-consuming and prone to inefficiencies and potential errors. They needed a centralized dashboard to manage rates dynamically with multiple global & regional OTAs, Metasearch, and GDS channels.

Limited Visibility

This 4-star hotel needed a cloud-based channel manager to improve its visibility across various online travel agencies (OTAs) and specialized channels. The hotel aimed to integrate all its online booking sources seamlessly with its Property Management System (PMS), seeking a comprehensive solution for efficient connectivity.

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How did It Start Solving?

By implementing RateTiger Channel Manager, Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa effectively managed rates, inventory, and restrictions across all connected channels from a centralized dashboard. The hotel seamlessly integrated with numerous global and regional OTAs, Metasearch, and GDS channels through RateTiger, enhancing visibility and expanding reach to potential guests.

With the Channel Manager, they were able to extend their reach, venture into new source markets, and accomplish remarkable booking growth.

Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa claims, "We are incredibly grateful for the exceptional 24/7 support the RateTiger team provides. We wholeheartedly endorse RateTiger as a trusted partner for hotel channel management."

Results They Experienced


Optimized Time & Cost

Implementing Channel Manager reduced the time spent on manual rate and inventory updates and allowed staff to focus on other revenue-generating activities.


Increase revenue & occupancy

With real-time insights into market trends and competitor rates, the hotel optimized its pricing strategies to attract more bookings and revenue growth.

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Improved Operational Efficiency

RateTiger's cutting-edge technology enabled the hotel to manage its online distribution channels effectively, leading to improved visibility and presence across OTAs.


100% Accurate Rate Parity

The automated rate updating feature of RateTiger ensured rate parity across all channels, reducing the likelihood of rate disparities and potential revenue loss.

What Our Client has to Say

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“We have been relying on RateTiger Channel Manager for several years now, and it continues to surpass our expectations. The user-friendly interface makes it incredibly easy to navigate, and the automated inventory management saves us valuable time, allowing us to focus on strategic analysis and revenue optimization. With RateTiger, we can effortlessly manage multiple channels, all within a single, intuitive platform. Also, we are incredibly grateful for the exceptional 24/7 support the RateTiger team provides. We wholeheartedly endorse RateTiger as a trusted partner for hotel channel management. The responsive and reliable customer support they offer is unmatched in the industry. We highly recommend RateTiger to other properties seeking a dependable solution backed by a team that goes above and beyond to ensure success.”

Mr Tamer Mahmoud

Front Office Manager of Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa.