Al Midan Hotel Group Boosts Occupancy by 70% through RateTiger Channel Manager

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Story of Al Midan Hotel Group

In the bustling landscape of the hospitality industry, Al Midan Hotel Group stands out as a beacon of luxury and excellence in Saudi Arabia. Comprising four distinguished properties (Medan Hotel, Violet Hotel Al-Aziziyah, Afraa Al Azizia, and Violet Alshisha Hotel), the group represents the royal essence of the region, offering guests an unparalleled experience of opulence and convenience.

However, amidst their commitment to providing exceptional service, Al Midan Hotel Group faced challenges in navigating the complexities of online distribution. Manual processes for rate management and inventory distribution across various online channels hindered their ability to maximize revenue potential and streamline operations.

Challenges Faced

Manual Processes

The group grappled with time-consuming manual processes for rate updates and inventory distribution, leading to inefficiencies and potential errors.

Limited Visibility

Lack of real-time insights into booking patterns, revenue performance, and channel effectiveness hindered the group's ability to make informed decisions.

Integration Issues

Seamless integration with their Property Management System (PMS), primarily OPERA, posed technical challenges, impacting operational efficiency and data accuracy.

How did they find the Solution?

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Implementing RateTiger Channel Manager allowed Al Midan Hotel Group to automate rate updates and inventory distribution across various online sales channels. This streamlined their processes, saving valuable time for hotel staff and minimizing the risk of errors. RateTiger 2-way XML integration with OPERA facilitated seamless data exchange, ensuring accurate availability and pricing information. This integration enhanced operational efficiency and eliminated manual data entry, leading to improved workflow automation.

Additionally, RateTiger's robust analytics capabilities provided invaluable insights into booking patterns, revenue performance, and channel effectiveness, empowering the group to make data-driven decisions and optimize their revenue strategies effectively.

Results Achieved


Remarkable Revenue Growth

Leveraging RateTiger solutions, Al Midan Hotel Group achieved unprecedented revenue growth, with an impressive surge of approximately 70% observed in bookings through leading OTAs.


Improved Decision-Making

Real-time insights provided by RateTiger's analytics capabilities empowered the group to make informed decisions regarding pricing, distribution strategies, and overall revenue management practices.

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Operational Efficiency

Implementing RateTiger solutions significantly enhanced operational efficiency, allowing the group to streamline processes and minimize manual efforts.


Exceptional Customer Support

Al Midan Hotel Group praised RateTiger's commitment to providing prompt and knowledgeable support that enhanced their bookings.

What Our Client has to Say

Al Midan Hotel

“I am truly impressed by RateTiger’s commitment to providing prompt and knowledgeable support. The assistance we receive, particularly from Mr. Ayman Wani, has been invaluable in navigating technical challenges and ensuring smooth operations. The accessibility of their support team, whether through phone or email, adds further convenience to our experience. I am confident that RateTiger’s continued support will greatly contribute to our future success.” 

Mr. Shahryar Yasin

IT Manager, Al Midan Hotel Group